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  1. Heavens wind is a dancepark high in the sky, where people come to chill, ice skating,  chat, and dance in the clouds on romantic music.

    this place is one of he oldest places in secondlife and stil  has his regular group of visitors.

    Due available time i have desided with pain in my heart that it would be better to sell this place to someone who can  give it more time as me at the moment, we dont want this place get lost in space  so  if you search a  great place to make your own  with a good name  than this is your chance.

    heavens wind is up for sale for 75.000 LL.




  2. Hi,

    Im thinking on rebuild my main store and split the sim in 2, wich means i got a half sim to rent out 

    im wondering if there  anyone would be intrested to share the sim with me?

    Can be done in a half sim  or 2  1/4 sims, i dont know not yet when i start but want to see if there is anyone intrested before i give the land back.

    Im not a land lord so i prefer  serieus people that know the ins and outs and not try to rent for a month and move on  again.

    thinking on  people with a nice big main store that would love to share with G&T creations on the sim Eternal Dreams


    Its depend on replays and wishes i get if i build stores or rent out  the land plane to build your own  store etc if more want  its  even possible to add 4 main stores on a half sim , just contact me please :)



  3. Why  my sim shows offline for days  and showed as invalid location in search?

    I did contact life chat, file a ticket, got answers back the sim was online now etc.

    The sim is online , i can enter it  with a straight teleport, but it shows offline, new people cant use the teleport button in search because its not active, if i check the map  it shows alot worlds as offline,

    It shows  in  all viewers as offline, on  diffrent people , i cleared cache and all kind off.....

    who know  whats going on?


    Eternal Dreams offline.jpgsims offline.jpg

  4. I feel  myself a bit  stupid, but I did sign up  for a  1 month during event  about the 60's, that event start 1 feb and I didn't receive any  info  not yet , and the person  that did setup, ceo organize not show info  now in her profile where I can see maybe groups or info about  the event , so anyone that participate in this event and can give me some info   , all welcome



  5. Like i sayed before , its like politic, 1000  people , 1000 diffrent ideas, and before you  know  you  must defend youre own ideas or words you type , a club fan want land inside the club, a renter want people past the stores, and someone else prefer a club with nothing at all,  etc etc , but before i  be here in a hot discussion and must go defend  my own  ideas i  prefer more to work  on  my own store in world :) have a happy SL all

  6. I  still want do a extra addon, and don't get me wrong Shab, it is not a attack to   you or anyone, i know you  created a  wonderful sim, and i do  know you work  hard for it.

    But with a same idea as marketplace  works now for a lot people that want "try" to setup a business, it happened the same way with  get Sims.

    People that want run a club  had or have profit in  mind to, and 2 years ago it was so easy, :

    Get a sim,  build a club, rent out stores , and u even make profit, how more fun it  can be, play the game how we want it and  prefer with no cost, ask shop  renters to sponsors the events ( always shop renters  LOL )  to get traffic in, and the sales start , renters happy, sim owner happy, but the big issue of this was ........Lots people had same idea, Sims where added daily, when  i came online i  found daily  10-20 notecard with new opening Sims if i wanted to rent a store.


    Maybe its possible there where just to  much  Sims on the grid?


    I have a place myself to that runs on shop rentals ( no profit place) but i  just want try to  keep this place up as one of the oldest places of sl  to dance and hang out, but  find a new renter for that place is getting hard, where you notice alot shop owners only want on split profit , and this is in this period almost a same as give a shop away for free.


    But to  make my  long story short, and less typoses, i always see more reasons as only one, is it marketplace or is it the a mouth of Sims we had that time , is it not the strongest will survive?

    Like i saw before , SL is always moving and its up to  any  business to grow  with it or stay behind and maybe  loose in the end.


    I will not force any  people to  get a pay  account but it wouldn't be a bad idea to get access to  marketplace for free, any  one that want try to  setup a business  must be willing to bring some investments to , there are times you  need LL helps and than its easier to have  pay  account anyways, and IM not go discuss  the way helps works  LOL there more topics about that, but if u see it as a game stick to the game and play the game, if u want try to get a business maybe act like a business  owner than and be willing to   invest in that .



  7. I  no im always nervous to  post anything here , sometimes sl is  even worsted as RL  politic, 1  want this someone else want  that, i have my own ideas about it all  and i  know none will  listen to them , times chancing always and we must go with the flow but in this situation im a bit worry to  , people  that want try to get a store running go for the easy way  now,   open a store on marketplace, its for free , where we started with rent a small cart and  if we sold we could rent a store in a mall till we could get are  own imperium, agree,  inworld is laggy  and a lot people always blame scripts and or sculpts  but no  matter what they try, the place stays laggy, like  we hsare more Sims on  a server  as before to,


    but the next issue is that  people not see how much good place  get lost  because the can't rent out stores anymore  , they  must pay the Sims from the rents  or split profits , see all famous clubs  , boogart, frank,  Phats, tropicana , busy places where we sold clothes  while people was dancing or walked around the stores , now the most stores only stay for advertising  the most not even sell them rents anymore,


    they are  famous places people love to be, but where they go if those Sims are forced to close down  ?

    If there are no  places  anymore to dance and chat,  they don't need dances any   more or nice hair or shoes, they will  stay in the PJs with curls in  the hair hanging in a rent box to  browse on the marketplace.


    I don't want tell what's good or bad or what any  of  you  must do or can do, but because i  try to support in world  as much as possible i   will not buy from a store on marketplace if they  not have a store in world,  because yes, all  must be able to   try to  do things , but i have a feeling  , just a feeling that  marketplace will be change soon to  again,  if not  to buy there a store space to add  10 or 100 or  1000 items, like LL had idea to  let people pay to  add  free gifts, boy  how mad  all  be  because how did they dare to touch them  money or ask  money, im only  always wondering,  people always want try to  make money b ut none want pay for  anything,  it looks like SL is  as bad as tax :),


    Anyone is free to buy where he or she want  in world or  market place, but im only worryd we wil  loose some good places for that reason,  even than  , even if that happens i  might have  few ideas to  get those places  be safet but thats for later .

    but yes i went back from  50 satelite stores to  25 ,  1 advice for sims that run good, do not rebuild, i noticed to often if sims go rebuild they  loose, because they change the concept and stores be forgatten that way  .

     But i get mad on marketplace to with slow browsing and get that  messege ,  sorry........try  later again,  and browse trough  20  pages  with same  shirt and tops only diffrent colors, but  i  know LL not sit stil neither

    but i hope for Shab it wil not be to  late for  to  much good places.


    I  love  marketplace to for my store but i  love  nice places in world to   :) places  we must cherish

  8. Just a impression, because i noticed today on marketplace  while i was browsing ansd scrolling around its very hard to find youre way and even more harder to find what you want , more and more items be added, special witgh the upcomming full perm mesh  clothes  makes alot people  want open a store on marketplace to, and offcourse i hope all the best but  itg would be nice if i  want find a dress and i  need to browse trough  thousend pages , than i would be very  happy if i could exclude  mesh , as example the folder woman dresses, default  browsing shows up  most demo  mesh  dresses, offcourse that is wonderfull for  girls that want  to wear mesh, but if you are searching for a normal dress its not fun to  scroll trough all those pages.

    So i was thinking that it would be nice : womans dresses / and mesh dresses  as sub categorie, maby same with  mesn clothes and or shoes, to   make the hard serch on marketplace a tiny bit easyer?

  9. Im stil total  lost in all those listning enchancements,

    i had a refund this week  so i  tought it was all  fixet ,

    now i get daily be charced again for lisntings with the most crazy dates

    a 30  days listning and be charced after  17 days again and this is 1 example,


    i have  18 active listnings, 6 be stock  in charching cannot edit  and i be charged for more as 20 x the last few days , i got a feeling we get total  lost with it .

    G&T Alain zipped short mens boot black formal and casual with alpha layer and a pair with hide feet prims Feature this item on the landing page for category: Apparel > Men's > Men's Footwear > Men's Boots (L$999 every 30 days) October 04, 2012 October 21, 2012 active
  10. Wel tonight  1 week later again i been charched  for 11x a listning  a 999,- each,

    as i sayed before , i remind it happend a long time ago and it be refunded that time, but im  in a bit a schock  it  happens again!!! and 1 week  later

    lets hope they  sort this fast.


    I be refunded same  night  for 9 listnings i think from  last week, 9x refunded,

    3 hours later  it be taken  again, so  the bug stil going on but they aware of it  , so  keep an eye on youre transacations .


  11. i been charched 11x times  999,- tonight


    if this is a  payment for all  failed  listnings it not even fair,


    i had  listnings that sayed : cant edit now , charching............

    but we was not able  to do anything with them , relist, reactivate  we was unable to  do  anything,  so it would be very bad if we been charched for a bug they created and wish is going on for  almost a year already.


    I reminded a same isseu a while ago, and  linden lab did refund my dubble payed listning,

    since it was  only  2 listnings that time i didnt even  noticed.



  12. 11x 999,- lindens 29 september  of my account,

    not 1 listning i have running supose to be payed on this date,

    so  proberly  a bad bug  wish i hope they sort  proper, i no i thappend before and we got refunds for that.

    unless something else is going on wish  i  might miss, to  keep updated with all isseues and bugs and new items play the game and work   we need 3  heads  :)


  13. and how i get in ????

    Buy  a item on  marketplace, and they add you unasket to  a subscriber, spam  you with all kind of pictures and notes, and  be just ignored if you ask to be removed , or they use a alt , soon i recive i replay  and  the  avatar is online.

    Its sad enough , shure you can  mute them , but the biggest problem of that is  you cant buy  of them anymore on marketplace, and they  not hav e  a store inworld,  the item just not be send, and some do  have nice items i  can use sometimes, easyer to  buy  quick, but i get a bit anoyed if i be add  when i didnt ask , if that is a way to  make youre subscriber list grown its a bad way,

    same as i  i wanted unsubscribe from  one and had same problem  as  mention on top, Orb securitys or hided displays you cant reach.........


    i  have a feeling alot subscribers be abused that way , and its very  anoyed if you be ignored , even worster if you be added just  like that, makes you wonder if they got nothing else to to as add each custumor with hand , mmmmm


    think it wil end in  make a list where i be added UNASKET, mute the owner and never buy any  product anymore of them.

  14. Stil doing my head in, why  it seems always go wrong with trasnferable items ?

    who telss the truth? can we  relay  on it if LL telss items send succefully?

    I  have nearly fail send, but  98% of the complanes is abouth transferable items,

    i  think hard to  only  send copyble items to  marketplace and make them buy inworld for transferable,  that way  we keep sales inworld active to,

    but its  pretty anoying  we dont know who or whatt to beleive on  not recieved items.



  15. Yes , thats how it supose to be, sadly their seems to be people that  intimidate you  with  be rude and suggesting you watch to the breast of them girlfriend ( even when zommed out fully,  maby sadly enough  you did hit the girl when  moving the cam around ), proberly its like real  life,  people think they  rule with big mouths , if im  no thappy  with people around me how they act or  react, its so easy to  mute them, more fun than  as start argus , and thats  mostly in so called formal  clubs , people that supose to  be to have the right manners :).


    And youre total right, be proud people look at you :)

  16. stays  a silly option to use that,  why people arnt allwed to look at you? if you dont want they  see you  than better stay  home in youre skybox, lol  i always looking at people, but not because im intrested in the person but in the creations,  some spend  thousends lindens to get the look they  prefer and than they start moaning when you  look at them  , foolish option  if you ask me , better not use it  and be proud  youre intrested enough  to  look at  ;)

  17. same here today  56 items unavailble proberly has to do with the bugs they try to fix but lol, im asking myself more and more if they get this resolved proper, it started with wrong pictures on boxes, from me, pictures from other stores, items from me with another store name and creator, we cant edit or anything, all  mixet up and now today 53 unavaileble , i try to keep laugh at it , but yes, 10 items of those are listning for 1000, so i pray ll get this bug sorted fast,

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