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  1. On 11/25/2017 at 6:10 AM, BilliJo Aldrin said:

    LL needs to redesign their viewer so that it mimics SL 1.23

    That viewer was so easy and intuitive even  I was able to master it.   

    I still use the Firestorm Phoenix layout.

    I get a head ache trying to figure out the mess of the current SL viewer on those rare occasions I'm forced to use it.

    I disagree. Just switched to Firestorm because I finally got a machine that will run it without crashing. It's been an easy switch because it's basically V2 with quick preferences and a bunch of the advanced and develop menus pulled out to real menus. 1.23 hurt the eyes and was even less intuitive. For me.

  2. Log in at the Chelsea and decide whether I'm going to change or not. Start organizing inventory and then get distracted by live music invite or burning need to buy more crap. Play with positioning attachments or piddle around with decorating. Open the map and pick a place to check out. Chat if I am chatted to, hang out with a friend or two if I feel up to people that day. Add a diary entry if I remember to.

  3. Written Word is a good group to check out, also Lyrical Cafe. There's a bunch of open Mic poetry on Sundays. The Apple, distributed by Klannex Northmead in world, is a great resource for poetry events. Hotel Chelsea does an open Mic every Sunday with a featured reader, should start at 1230PM.

    I suppose I am a poet. Contact me in world if you would like a few submissions.

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  4. I have this problem, though not trying to dj, my problem is that I want to start running a weekly writing event again, but every time I think my schedule at work is going to be regular enough to pick a day, either work schedule changes or rl kicks me in the butt. Also want to play live shows, having some problems figuring out when to try and book them for the same reason. I don't really have any advice except to keep logging in and trying to figure out an sl schedule that works.

  5. On 6/15/2017 at 6:10 PM, Talligurl said:

    I pretty much do that with pictures posted daily to my profile page.

    Agree with this. Really easy to do on profile page. Not sure forum is appropriate. Wouldn't it be better to just post on vanity thread?

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  6. On 6/16/2017 at 3:02 PM, sirhc DeSantis said:

    When M was canned.

    That guy. Ugh. Was definitely a glorious day when he left. Had no clue what sl was about.


    As to my favorite, hard to pick. Probably 'building' and 'running' Liarica. I miss my buddy that facilitated it, and the quotes are hard because it wasn't all me. Rowing around there after I managed to terraform the waterways into what I wanted was so great.

  7. I used to go between the black skin you see in my profile pic, a green skin, and a pale white skin. I actually stopped wearing the green skin out, even though it was given to me by a dear friend, because I got tired of everyone asking if I was sick. I did not get hit on often in the black skin, but I loved how my avi looked and it was the main one I used for a long time. Still super sad the creator is gone and I can't use it with my mesh body. 

    People were noticeably nicer to me when wearing the pale skin. I got hit on a lot more.

    I'm back to wearing green, an updated one that works with mesh body. I'll probably just put up with the are you sick comments because it's the favorite skin of one of the few people who's opinion actually matters to me.

    I'm probably going to make a pale avi too, for when I feel like getting hit on in public. But green June is the realest June to me.

    TL;DR: yup, people discriminate, even if it is mostly subconscious, against non-white avis in sl. At least in my experience.

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  8. Maybe I just don't shop enough, maybe I've been away too long again, but either way I did not know most of the vendors I saw at the event. Found most of the freebies and spent more than I intended. Between this and a late night spree at the Arcade my inventory is a complete disaster area.

    I like the theory of one big, one small, however, I think that is hard to do in practice. 

    Wish the actual sl14b sim would have rezzed as well as this one did for me, tried last night and couldn't see a thing really. My laptop is not the best though, so oh well. I'll try again another day.

  9. Ducknipple has full rocker chick avis if I am not mistaken. Believe they are whole package including skin and shape. I know I bought a nice complete outfit or two from them in that style, I am not big on the revealing stuff either. Fri.day also has clothes that kinda fit that, love their sweater hoodies. Not sure they have full avi though. Riddle has nice rocker stuff, and I know I got my initial not so busty shape from Rockberry, it's been modded a bunch since but that's what I built off of. Love {Rue} stuff, her eyes especially, Kinda goth in some aspects though, that's what I ended up settling on when first rezzed because the only skin I found for free without nasty over highlighted tan was gothic lolita. Hope this helps. You are welcome to IM me in world for landmarks or to see if I have thought of anything else.


    Side note: Best and least expensive chucks I have found are from Kick the Can. Kid's store, but resize script is easy to use and deletes completely.

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