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  1. I Spend alot of real money buying lindens from SL. I am not a premiun member, and i need tech support from time to time.I have been griefed , and waited for 8 months for a reply to that ticket only to be told , since you are not a premium member we can not assist you.Currently i am missing two thirds of my inventory in my SL VIEWER. NO HELP!! I switched to Emergence and my items come back.My major question is, W.T.F. do they think we are doing when we buy lindens from them? We are being Customers directly of L.L.so i think we should be treated with respect and probably cherished more then the people that pay thier 9.95 and then spend very little . i drop a couple of hundred u.s. in this game every month, wake up sl and recognize. I recently quit second life for a number of months and they certainly can spare tech support people to beg you to come back into the game.

  2. My inventory is not loading completely on viewer 2.7 i am only able to retrieve about one third of my items. i switched over to the Emergence Viewer and all of my inventory is there. I prefer to use the SL viewer but nothing i seem to do retrieves the inventory i even downloaded the viewer again in case something was wrong with the app. Any Ideas? Shawn Wrydan

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