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  1. Hi there


    The models are for a tutorial book and the focus isn't on modifying meshes, it's more on sim and game building. 
    It's big build and I am not sure how effective a script would be. This is for new users and I want to keep things as simple as possible.  A script is on the table as one possible option though.

    I previously made models with a previous iteration of Blender and they uploaded fine with all textures intact. Unfortunately the files from 2.65 are not back-compatible.

  2. Yes, you understand the issue correctly. The difficulty arises because I wish to distribute the models as .dae files and some of them are very large with a lot of textures. I would like them to import complete if possible to save the end user from the trouble of having to apply them all manually (the UVs/texture faces are fine and the textures apply correctly when done manually inworld).It would be very confusing for the user to have to apply all textures themselves (I find it confusing enough and I made them).
    If there is a way of importing the models complete, that would be ideal, otherwise I'll have to find some kind of workaround.


    Thank you for your input.

  3. Hi there. 


    Hoping somone can help. I am having rouble with my .dae exports. They look fine in blender (2.65) but if they have more than one uv texure per mesh, when I import them to SL, the baked textures are attached in the wrong order. I have no idea what i am doing wrong. Last time I used blender I was using 2.49 and it all worked fine, but now I hae made my files using 2.65 and they aren't back-compatible.

    Any ideas appreciated.


    Thanks in advance.

  4. Thanks for your answer, MartinRJ. I am a member of the Second Life Beta Group, so perhaps the solution is just to wait for the restarts to be complete.


    I have been unable to access the sandboxes for several days, however, so not certain that this will resolve it.


    I only joined the group when I was suddenly unable to access the sandboxes a few days ago. Before that, I was not a member, but was able to access.


    Now I cannot even find the sandboxes by searching the map.


    Very strange.

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