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  1. Just tried Firestorm 4.3.1 (31155), it's very hit and miss with the Merchant Outbox. Sometimes it sends folders, sometimes it doesn't, sometimes it says it doesn't but does.......big improvement from the standard LL viewer though!

  2. Darren Scorpio wrote:

    Once in a while I get that but when I go to MP the stuff will be there on the unassociated objects list.

    Just tried again, rebooting, making sure everything is updated, but the errors are constant. Had a look at the Marketplace Inventory web page and nothing made it through.

  3. Oh yes, my partner Rya and I have been wondering how many listings will disappear after the cut off date, will be good to see the upcoming housecleaning!

    When I said wasted time and resources, just meant personally with having 2 OSs on the computer, one just for uploading in the Outbox.

  4. Yep, Linux support and resalable items have been issues since the start, looks like they are just put in the too hard basket and move on.

    Shame though, wouldn't want to dual boot with Windows just to upload a new/updated item, seems like a waste of resources and time.

  5. So with the dates for magic box turn off for unlimited items, does this mean LL finally have a solution for the Linux build which has never had a working Marketplace Outbox?

    And don't even mention the words......dual boot.

  6. I've been using "Use It Now" for my boats in DD. They aren't packed so that option is out, wearing one may give you a headache so no to that option, and the customer doesn't need their own land so haven't been using that option either since they can use friend's land or a public rez spot to use. "Use It Now" seems to fit the items purpose the most.

    But "Use It Now" is a bit of a weird option and hardly what I would call for being the default in a listing, Land or Unpack should be the default in my mind since most of us are coming from boxes which need land to unpack, and some merchants haven't had the time to switch over for many reasons.

  7. Zanara Zenovka wrote:

    Displaying perms of non-rezzed objects that have contents is pointless, and just one of the things about this design that has much greater cost than benefit.

    Yeah this has gotten me rather POed and spoke out about it back in the old Office Hours days asI knew it was going to be agressive and only show the permissions that are common to every bit of content and the object as a whole, glad they didn't add the Script Count idea they had at the same time.

  8. Guessing the time and place will be released like the day before or something, but be sure it'll be posted here and on the inworld merchant group. But from the wording here it seems like there will be a few meetings.

    I for one can't wait for it, miss the old days of marketplace office hours and the chaos invloved, break out the popcorn!

  9. We make boats and boat rezzers and have been called up by customers with this same problem. We've tried everything I can think of to make the rezzers work and will let others drive but have made no progress. Some rezzers are just failing to even rez after a couple days. But so far the problem seems a bit isolated, unless we're not hearing about it from customers.

    Although we have seen some other weird things lately like rezzers not rezzing boats while the owner is offline.

  10. I've had this since I first started using Chrome, I just click Launch Program and if the viewer is already open the TP shows up in it, doesn't really start another viewer.

    Firefox also asks to launch an external program for me too, although it's worded very differently.

  11. We didn't ask for these new Boat categories, although I do love them.

    We did ask in a jira late last year for a category for static vehicles which got added a month or so later to the decor area, but these sub-categories in the physical vehicle boat area are newish which I found last night by random luck, no idea how long they have been there.

    I remember the static vehicle section we asked for last year got annouced in a change log when it came available with many other new categories but never saw anything about these new ones.

  12. The Chrome dev channel has been showing the Marketplace for myself and my partner as blank for about a week or two now, the links are on the page but it's just all white, no error message. These forums were doing the same but got them working by disabling the GPU Accelerated Canvas 2D flag.


    Toysoldier Thor wrote:

    Blaze you might be right.  The customer 2 days ago that did not receive her product from me - accidently mentioned a fellow merchant who she also did not get product from - TUFF.  So it would mean her deliveries failed from a shopping cart use.

     UPDATE:  Actually I can confirm that the last failed order where the customer did not receive her product from me when my records showed it was delivered... it was a SHOPPING CART ORDER with 10 items in it from multiple merchants.  Tuff was another merchant in the shopping cart who's product was not delivered to her.

    I filed a ticket to report this failed delivery.

    Interesting, we haven't received any messges about failed deliveries. The interesting part is why contact 1 merchant from the failed cart delivery and not others.

  14. Just to see what would happen since no one has really mentioned it, Rya TPed to a sim joining the sim where our Magic Boxes are, just like how Maestro reproduced the bug in the Jira. I was in another sim and bought an item of his from the Marketplace. Currently no item has been delivered, account has been charged and logged in the SL transactions, and my Marketplace account shows:

    • Order #11009332
    • Order Status: Delivered

    So now for our items to be delivered by the Marketplace we have to stay in the same sim as the Magic Boxes and not roam around the other sims at our shop, or be offline. I don't think having Magic Boxes in every sim will help if the Marketplace targets the Magic Box in a sim we're not in.


    Zanara Zenovka wrote:

    Don't panic - they'll fix it.

    The ppl who look after the server code are very good at investigating and responding to stuff like this; they're not the commerce migration team ;p

    That is true. They are usually fast at issues like this. I'm hoping to bring this up at the beta user group later this week since the Linden that commented on the jira last year goes to it too, if he's back from holidays yet :P


  16. I'll add something about customer service, we always go to the customer after the first round of support or they ask for help setting up. The customers love it, seeing one or both of us turn up to troubleshoot the problem instead of asking for more information in IM, plus it gives me a chance to check region settings since they often cause issues with our boats.

  17. Indeed. The fixes will go on for months and months and push back any glimmer of hope for something people want.

    Amiryu Hosoi wrote:

    1. Why doesn't the system "see", copy and preset the permissions of our items

    I wouldn't mind seeing this too, as long as we can override what the system puts in from the item. Some of our items use animations that say they are full perm but are still no-mod, for copy botting reasons or something like that. I remember it stuffed up another marketplace service that used automatic permission setting on the web front end.


    Rya Nitely wrote:

    The main reason we continue to lack the things we need is because the marketplace dev team aren't merchants and don't feel the frustrations. Being told what we need doesn't give them any idea of what a difference it would make.

    Oh yes. Some have claimed to put items on the marketplace to see what to improve but that doesn't mean they are anywhere near merchants and know what we would like.

    Still waiting on the ability promissed before this marketplace opened for us to have multiple stores and share stores with other merchants, something Rya and I need since our marketplace store is broken up between us......and not this useless maturity crap that no one asked for.

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