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  1. Okay,I know they will obviously keep sl open,how else will they fund the creation of sl2.But i'm not naive enough to think they will be able to share those funds between both worlds,the bulk of all funds will go to this new world being created.They will only do the bare minimum to keep sl running,they need it.

     When sl2 is able to support itself there is no doubt in my mind sl will be done.If i were the lindens I would probably be doing the same thing,but would've gone about it a bit differently.Their user base is aging,they need this new shiny to attract a younger revenue base.Is what all corporations go through,you lose one source of revenue,find a new one.

  2. I don't know if youre familiar with the Everquest mmorpg's? Well SOE decided to make EQ2,Everquest was trying to keep up with World of Warcraft that had been out maybe 6 months at the time.So they made this big new shiny upgraded version of Everquest,which by the way,you had to have an upper tier computer to be able to run it at that time.

     But my point to this is that when they announced this new shiny,it immediately splintered the community,when eq2 was released you had 2 EQ's the original and the super new one.So they ended up with 2 games with not a whole lotta people in either one.A lot of the people ran right into the arms of World of Warcraft,leaving the rest divided between two games.

     Everquest was an amazing mmorpg,is where blizzard got most of their ideas.But when SOE decided they had to try and compete with the big boys they sealed their own fate.The lindens have their niche,they should use caution thinking they can compete with the likes of apple or fb.

    Maybe they should be happy with what they have,fix it the best they can,do the things they can do for the people to make the ones who left return.I'm just afraid of history repeating itself.They may end up with nothing.

  3. I have been in sl almost 5 years.You asked us to wait and see what they are going to do.I have been waiting almost 5 years to see what they are going to do.And frankly im not very impressed.And yes I will stick around to see if the Lindens can get it right for once,BUT my money will stay in my pockets.

    For me is more than a place to build or to create in,its a place I have made a lot of friends,I created an avie that has experienced a lot in this virtual world.He has become an extension of me in many ways,SL was here for me when I lost my son.So yes I have an emotional tie to this world.And it makes me kinda angry to see how the Lindens do their business

     But this to me is the biggest thing next to the money issue,is the emotional one.And is the one I think the lindens always overlook.We are real people behind the avatars,real feelings,fears etc.To them we are just dollar signs.

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