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    Suspiria Finucane wrote:

    With the new ranking system it appears to me that there must be some type of behavior associated with the ranks. If you're an upper ranked forumite surely there must be some type of etiquette required. Looking through the KB I didn't see any.

    What kind of Role Play will you be doing when you achieve the higher rank? Surely a helper can't be a bully....


    PS If a high ranking forumite misbehaves, is their rank reduced? /me wonders how that part works....


    While I don't see any problems in being a "helper" here on the forums and playing a thief or murderer or so in roleplay inworld, I find Sus' last question reasonable given that this misbehaving occurs inside the forums...

    Such as bullying someone, but only here.. Not at roleplay inworld. Thats just roleplay, no more, no less.


    Ishtara Rothschild wrote:

    I wish I could discuss my role play experiences here. But like most RP-interested residents, my RP is rather adult-themed in nature. It would be great if we adult residents with adult interests had an 18+ subforum to discuss adult topics.

    I second that, same reasons!


  3. Das ist ja komisch mit dem Off topic! Ich hab die Forenübersicht eben aus meinem Dashboard raus angeklickt, nix von Off topic zu sehen!

    Erst als ich die Suche bemüht habe, konnte ich es finden... da hat mir wohl mein Cache ein Schnippchen geschlagen vorher.


    Na, da bin ich froh, nun gibts wieder nette Schlammschlachten zu lesen... :smileyvery-happy:

    Ansonsten find ich es noch ein wenig verwirrend hier...

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