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  1. Welcome back to Second Life! If it something for you, consider the business of selling private land. The bigger landowners all have sales agents whose job is it to contact anybody landing on one of their vacant lots and try to sell (technically rent) them land for their home or business. Working hours vary between the land companies (they may be set or they may require you to work a minimum amount of hours per week) and pay is usually by commission; so you only actually make many when you sell land. Another position in landowners' staff is that of troubleshooter for the tenants who have issues, questions or complaints. As for creative writing: land companies often have a website of their own. You can always just ask if they need a writer for that.

  2. Casper Warden wrote:

    Azura Lowbeam wrote:

     I know I'd feel much more comfortable if in stead the popup would read something like: "Do you agree with a one time deduction of X L$ from your balance to complete the transaction?"

    That would be ideal. Unfortunately, SL simply doesn't work like that.  It's all or nothing with the debit permissions system.

    Unfortunately, this is one area in which SL has always fallen short.


    Yes, I was afraid you'd say that. Thank you for explaining it.

    The top-up terminal was mentioned earlier and that would be the way for me to buy something that is more expensive than the balance of the giftcard.

    Thank you for the replies, everybody.

  3. Casper Warden wrote:

    Please, apply common sense.

    Do not grant permissions to objects
    that you do not trust
    .  If someone gives you a gift card randomly, out of the blue, it's likely a scam.

    CasperVend gift cards are safe, however, it's important to note that 
    scammers can use my prims to make their fake gift cards look legitimate
    . Do 
    simply base your trust on who created the card.

    I should emphasize that 
    legitimate CasperVend gift cards
    will NOT request debit perms
    unless you are attempting to purchase an item which costs more than the value of the gift card


    Thank you for replying, Casper.

    This is not about if the card and the store is legitimate/

    It's the warning you get when you're asked for the debit permissions. I do not feel comfortable agreeing to what is asked of me in that window with those consequences listed. I don't know anything about scripting so this may be a default warning SL will give in cases like these. I know I'd feel much more comfortable if in stead the popup would read something like: "Do you agree with a one time deduction of X L$ from your balance to complete the transaction?" Where X is the the difference between the price of the item and the balance of the giftcard.

    But that may not be technically feasible. I don't expect an entire system to be extensively changed just because it spooks me. I am not here to claim Casper, their system or the stores using it are shady.

    I just wanted to know if I wasn't the only one who is turned away by that pop-up.


    Casper Warden wrote:


    Azura Lowbeam wrote:

    It's a CasperVend system. It's not that widespread (yet) 


    2.3 million vendors!

    I meant that particular giftcard system. I have only seen it twice so far. CasperVend itself, yes, that I see all over the grid  :)

  4. Bobbie Faulds wrote:


    Edited to add, you may get a message like that if you try to purchase something and you don't have a high enough balance to cover the purchase. In that case, I, personally, would go to the top off terminal that should be in the store and add the lindens to cover the purtchase there then go and purchase the item.


    I didn't see this edit until ChinRey's post alerted me to it. Yes, as described in the opening post the card will only give that warning if you want to buy something that's more expensive than the balance of the card.

    Adding balance to the card is something I haven't heard of before. I will look into that because I don't recall seeing such a terminal. Thanks for the tip.

  5. I know this may sound odd coming from the person who made a topic on how she doesn't trust the system but it is legitimate.

    The card I used of Store A was able to buy items from store A as long as the value of the items was below the balance of the giftcard. The card itself showed as creator Casper Warden and in it is a script made by Casper Warden.

    Store B issues giftcards also with creator Casper Warden and in it a script made by Casper Warden. With this too I can get items from Store B if they are cheaper than the balance of the card.

  6. Amethyst Jetaime wrote:

    Not to defend this system, but CasperVend is a very popular vending system for  merchants that has benefits that  many other vending systems don't.  I doubt that your post is going to sway many merchants to abandon it and switch to another system because of these benefits and the cost factor of doing so.  A complete vending system like this is not cheap. relatively speaking.

    I realize that, which is why I wondered if posting in the Merchant forum would make much of a difference.

    The main reason I made this topic is because I wondered if it was odd to be alarmed by such a pop-up.


    Alicia Chenaux wrote:

    Did you receive the gift card directly from the designer?  As far as I know, NO reputable stores use a gift card that makes you grant them debit permissions. But a great many scammers go to very nice stores and offer "gift cards." This is why so many stores have had to do pop ups when you enter telling you not to accept any gift cards from anyone at the store. 

    It's a CasperVend system. It's not that widespread (yet) but it is legitimate.

  7. Thank you for the replies, everybody. Just to be sure I edited the pic to blank out the name.

    For those wondering if the card is legitimate: I am 100% sure it is. The store its from is, as far as I know, quite well-known and genuine. The giftcard is definitely from there as I used it to buy something of them (it won't ask for access to your funds if  the item you want to buy is cheaper than the balance on the card). I have also seen the same giftcard system at a different store. I wouldn't be surprised if other stores use it at well; in fact my guess is you can buy this system for your own store at a script merchant.

    But even if I trust the store, I don't trust this giftcard system. That warning sets off too many alarm bells. At least I now know I am not being overly paranoid, which was my biggest concern.

    I am not sure what good a post would do in the Merchant section, though...

    EDIT: I checked in-world and it's a Casper Vend system.

  8. Hello. I hope I am posting this in the right section.

    Right now I do not feel comfortable at all using a certain kind of giftcard. I mean the kind that, when the item you'd like to buy is more expensiver than the balance of the card it will ask to deduct the difference from your own L$ balance. And it's asking that question that gets me so worried because it does so in the following way:


    I just can't get past this warning. The way it is worded suggests I open a security hole the size of Texas to my money. I have the idea somebody else will now be able to access my funds forever, or until the grid shuts down.

    Is there anybody else who feels really uncomfortable with this? Or am I being (too) paranoid?

  9. Thanks for the replies!

    I know there are many, many stores out there for demon stuff (dare I say it: they are legion), which is also the reason why I'd mostly like to stick to one brand. There is so much stuff out there and I'd like my appearance to be coherent, that is to say, not like it's been cobbled and pieced together from everywhere. I mean, I'm not a big fan of Tzeentch, if you get that reference.

    Also, both the stores I mentioned have a unifying system, so I can trust in the pieces working well with eachother. And not need to make a bajillion clicks if I want to make a change here and there.

    Still, the suggestions are welcome and I will check them out. Except for Vendom, which I already tried and not found to my liking :)

  10. Hi!

    My avatar is usually human but now and then I like to mix things up, either lightly (neko, faun) or go all out (robot, dragon). I've always been interested in a demon avatar and there are two stores, which I both like but just can't seem to choose from. Does anybody have experience with both and tell me how they relate to eachother?

    The stores are Violet Studios and Sinful Needs. I'll be piecing the avatar together myself because buying a prepared one is boring ;)  Thanks in advance!


  11. Ellie Bilasimo wrote:

    I know exactly what Jinx is saying.  I am having the same probem with several different makers of tango compatible clothes.


    Most "appliers" work great just by adding or wearing.  But, some "appliers" show a button on a HUD in the bottom center of the screen saying "press to apply" but nothing ever happens.  I have tried to dissect the HUD to see what's in it, but there are no scripts or anything - very frustrating.


    Does anyone know how to make the Applier HUD work?



     Sorry for the slight necro, just throwing an idea out here: Assuming the appliers is suitable for tangos and you tried out Dress Top, did you try Dress Bra? It's a separate layer that stays invisible unless you select it. Of course, the applier it self could be broken, you can always contact the store owner about it.

    Drake1 Nightfire wrote:

    Ladies, speaking for all of us forum vultures.. Can we get some pics? please?




  12. Heya,

    I hope this is the right place to post this.

    For my avatar I am looking for a mother-of-pearl skinsheen. Maybe with a little bit of glitter in it. I hope this explains the idea well, I am sorry to say I couldn't find any pictures of it.

    If somebody has seen it I'd love to know where I can get it.

    Thanks in advance! :)

  13. One thing about ARC though: every viewer seems to calculate it differently! :x

    It's possible that an ARC in viewer A is much higher/lower than in viewer B, and not in the same proportion when compared to another avatar. In fact, it's very much possible that avatar 1 has a higher ARC than avatar 2 in viewer C, but lower than avatar 2 in viewer D.

  14. Well I am glad with this new system. The old system was too constrictive and didn't fit a community where you are able to customize everything.

    You want a certain surname? Get it. There's nothing from stopping you now. You're not happy with the name you picked? Then change it. You can now. Because we can be creative with our names now.

    The name you make when you signup is just something you can use to log into SL. It will show up on contest boards, radars and the like (at least for now) as well as to people who opt not to see display names, but otherwise you can use a display name to pick any first name and surname you want. Or even multiple names.

    That's freedom. That's creativy. In my book, that's a good thing.

  15. Heya,

    I'm getting my avatar a necklace with a custom text on it. I used google translator to get a latin text but since that's in alpha I'd like to double-check before I send my order in. Could anybody take a look at it and tell me if the phrase makes any sense? Thanks in advance :)

    English phrase: My beloved family and friends

    Latin phrase: Dilectus meus familiares

    Any help is really appreciated ♥

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