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  1. Ditto me as well Phil, our paths crossed a few times in the early days. I joined in October 2006 and have done Ok. but have not bothered as long as the parcel paid for itself. I abandoned my Plot just before the November tier and have set up on a 512 as well. The marketplace will more than pay for my premium for the short term so I will sit back and watch the slow decline. I had a great time while SL was still fresh to me and have great memories. I will continue to lurk here and SLU and keep up with the goings on. Cheers Blot

  2. HI,i have been unable to log in to SL for a month or so due to relocation.I am now all set up again and notice all my stuff that is booze or tobacco related has been flagged.Has there been a change to the rules.

    What should I set the new listings as?


  3. This post brings back fond memories of a fantastically vibrant time in SL. True the firm closed my little underground casino,see pic. I still miss the noise of spinning ball and  the slots and stuff.

    I think also that week we received a "one time only" refund of our classified ads.

    kasino snap 2.png

  4. I have uninstalled all viewers and got rid of all traces of SL.Ran a full scan antivirus and optimized my stuff.New updated driver stuff.

    I downloaded a fresh phoenix viewer but I still have the text.I looked to see see if perhaps I have something checked wrong in preferences but could find nothing.

    The text stays on the screen all the time! I am about running out of ideas?Thoughts?:matte-motes-not-even:

  5. I bit the bullet and went total DD just before the now defunct deadline in June.So far no real problems but I do not get any messages inworld for sales,just the "falling coins" sound. Do I have to check a box or do something to get messages or are they now a thing of the past?

  6. no copy/no mod/no transfer...............Should be mod/copy.............

    I lost over 100 items on the transfer and had to manually change 150.I now have 450 odd working but must now check each one for permissions..........

    I took the magic boxes into my inventory yesterday and thought that was it.Today I got an email from LL saying that I should replace them or I might lose sales ! I thought that was the point of DD. NO MAGIC BOXES!

    Net result 16 hours of slog and looks like the rest of the  weekend trying to sort out the mess.My confidence in this set up is at an all time low.

  7. Whilst sorting my inventory for DD ,I noticed my vintage coke vendor had been taken down.No great shakes but this item has sold untold in 3 years .I always thought that coke did not mind about their stuff on SL.

    A quick check on the marketplace shows pages of similar stuff still up for sale.....What gives........Was I too cheap .too good ....sold too many ....who got the ump............appart from me..LOL.coke snap small.png

  8. I posted yesterday that I had a shutdown weekend with sales being the worst for years.

    I have put off DD till the last moment because my sales until now have performed very well for over 3 years

    and I have worked on the "if it aint broke" theory and left well alone.

    I dreaded the change over and now have a couple of weeks to transfer.I will start today but with no confidence whatsoever.

    I see this a the crunch time for me and SL,it's been fun and I made a few bob,but if LL does not pay for itself I will abandon land and walk away.

    If LL loses people who have been with them as regulars because of this **bleep** up they only have themselves to blame.

    They should never have got involved in competing with their paying customers at all.

    I will post on how my transistion to DD goes ......

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