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  1. People will be shooting at a door.   I'd like it to show damage as more shots are fired.

    I want 10 textures - black color with transparent backgrounds, each showing successive damage.  Stuff like cracks, breaks, holes, etc.  Cracks and breaks should evolve once formed.

    Ultimately, I will be merging these myself onto a door texture so it will look like the door is degrading over time.

    I'll need to see a quick sketch of concept first before commissioning this work.  $500L for the job.


  2. I was wondering what alternatives there might be to SL.   It was interesting how you went directly into that one parcicular alternate game/world.   I went to their page and noticed one of their creators' names is Llewellyn.

    Might you be that creator?  If I'd known that ahead of time - I might have been a little more wary about the doobmsday scenario you painted.


  3. I changed my password yesterday. I was able to log on to the website and to SL last night and this morning with the new password. now, I can log onto the website, but when trying to connect to SL I get: login failed. sorry! we couldn't log you in. Pls check to make sure you entered the right username and password.

    something else I just noticed, on the web page where it asks you what email address you want IMs to be sent, it's telling me the new password is also incorrect for my mail account.
  4. Looking for Male or Female willing to RP hybrid children of Morph Lupindo ((lycan)) and Astrid Aldelpha ((ice elemental)). RP includes a wolf pack ((lycan syndicate)) and a mother from a different family ((Order of the Phoenix)). The children will immediately grow to young adulthood, so there will be no ageplay.  Wolves will have special powers and appearance should roughly reflect rp mother and/or father. Must be willing to learn how to fight with weapons ((DCS2)). Please contact Morph Lupindo or Astrid Aldelpha if interested.

    For more informaiton about NoR:    Land of NoR  

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