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  1. What are we doing now, besides trying to get more personal information from us?   Also, does this have to do with Premium Membership prices going up.  You may make changes, but some of us may just say, enough, is enough.  For those that wish to remain, hidden in SL, try doing that now

  2. Yes, as usual, can't login.  was having a dance party and poof.  Thank You SL!  Maybe they were working on Sansar and forgot about us. 

    Premium member and this is what I get!


    We are pissed


  3. SL Voice is fragile.  For me it works for about an hour, then craps out.  This is with all browsers.  Rebooting always solves it.  During a DJ show, I love having to sign out just so their program will work.

    Don't expect a fix, that never happens

  4. The only days I can play Is Wednesday and Thursdays, and that just coincides with update days.  Back in those days sim crossings were bad, wait they still are.  Back in those days, yes there were shutdowns, then they were over.  Now, Everyday day there seems to be issues now.  I'm not saying anything other than, it's not as fun now, and as a result I don't play as much.

  5. Before all you people jump in and tell me to clear my cache, listen

    Tonight I logged on and found myself wearing everything that I have built, I mean everything, trees, buildings, swimming pools,  enough where it took me two hours to finally remove all these items.  I'm not new here so I don't want to hear all this cache crap.  I reloaded my browser from by deleting all caches, the via the browser, uninstalled.  Several computers in my house saw the same glitch.  Explain it to me,  and I'm not a patient person.  This issue happened cross browsers  SL V3  Firestorm, and the 64 bit version of firestorm.  I have spent a tremendous amount of money in this site, and this is what I get?

    Funny, as being a premium member for several years, I still can't get phone or support tickets ever answered.

    Money paid, services rendered, at least that's how life should work

    Someone explain this to me

  6. I wonder if you have ever run an open sim project and tried to deal with the complexities of this type of software.  The labs are constantly working on solutions to better our experience here.  Some changes are troubling and are hard to understand, but with Second Life, as the Business, I doubt that are trying to make things miserable for us.  I remember a day, a  long time ago where we had to pay to teleport.  I remembers days, where what you see now, would be impossible.  Live with what you have, and develop what we don't have, or just live with what you have.

  7. This update takes the cake.  Inventory problems, scripts not working, rezzing takes forever, anywhere you go....   Houston, do we have a problem?  Why can't you just settle in and roll something you have tested.  This is getting to be ridiculous

    If you are going to do software changes, please test them first

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