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  1. A low or choppy frames per second is what falsely tells your physics that there's movement when there's not, but there are a few physics settings that can make that become a problem if they're not set correctly. The main culprit is having gain set too high. Gain is the percent of all movements that you want to be maximum movements. If you have one directions gain set to say 70, that means that 70% of ALL movements in that direction will be maximum ones, leaving only 30% for all of the smaller motions triggered in between 0 and 99. They become jumpy and overreact, and it's usually this setting that causes the uncontrolled boob flap that looks like you're trying to take flight. Gravity is not just down pull, but also acts as a dampener for when the smaller motions kick in on the low side. Raising this can make things less twitchy and help minimize the false motions triggered by low FPS. Dampening is basically how rigid your parts are. A low setting will give you water boobs that flop or swing forever, and a high setting will make them very firm and only move once or twice and then stop. Mass affects every other setting and so getting this one set correctly is important. The lower this is set the faster and more reactive that part will become. If it's too low it's very easy to have a low or choppy frame rate cause issues. Mass is weight, and the lower it is the easier it is to have things set in motion by little things, including the fake nudges that a low FPS can give.

  2. PsychoticBovine wrote:

    I've mostly gotten them to perfectly do what I want when standing still, but oddly enough when I'm walking, they sway but simply don't bounce.

    From what you describe, and from looking at the numbers I would say that you're negating much of the natural bounce by having weights too high and the spring timings too low. A Mass of 70 is HEAVY, and so takes a lot of movement and impact to get to even the smallest jiggle/slosh.. try lowering that by half. Spring timings won't show much at all when Drag is over like 10%...Try to set the rest of the settings with drag at 0%, then add it if you have to as the very last step. Spring isn't how bouncy they are, it's how long it takes for your bounce to.. bounce and come back. If it's too low (or drag is too high), the motion will get lost in the next movement (a.k.a helium t*ts)... try 70% or more. Gravity is your friend.. it amplifies the "weightiness" in a good way and is crucial to getting that slosh you're after.. best guess is 20 - 40%. Dampening should be kept high.. a movements 'second coming' should never be any where near as strong as the first unless you want 'golfball in a sandwich bag' boobs. Gain is the percentage of ALL movements (tiny and huge combined) that you want to be maximum boob flops... realistically not very many normal movements are black eyes. Keeping gain in the bottom third of the slider will also accentuate all the smaller motions that exist between none and 100%. And finally, fitmesh addons and clothing usually don't have the same physics as the default AV. You will need to tweak the settings often.

  3. Try removing the head, eyes, and the included alpha layers to see if your default avatars eyes also bulge out like that. If they do you may need to clear your viewers cache and relog. If the furry avatar eyes are rigged mesh, then trying to edit their position with the object / attachment editor won't work, and can rarely cause rigged mesh to revert to a basic, unformed shape... in which case you may need to unpack a new set from the box they came in, or get a redelivery from where you bought it. If the eyes are not rigged mesh and your default AVs eyes are fine, then you may be able to R-Click them individually and edit / move / resize them with the object editor. You can also adjust your shapes eye depth setting if need be.

  4. For the most part, mesh bodies do still suck. One can do the whole expensive song & dance trying to get parts and alphas and clothes and appliers, and just possibly come up with something that looks great... while standing completely still or close to it. I've known a lot of people who've gone this route and got all excited, coos and squees included, and then throw it all on and head to their favorite dance club to show it off.. only to have it all fall apart the moment they start even a modest dance animation. Poke-throughs, misalignments, alpha issues, and the ever popular 'completely poor rigging' on the mesh body itself are some of what I see. Upper arms that bend between the shoulder and elbow, thighs that mutate and bend forward instead of the leg actually moving between the natural joints, and so on and so forth. It's a very unnatural and uncanny looking result that even many of the top brands have, and so for me it's not even close to being worth the tradeoff for having something new or mesh. I might have a different opinion of it all if I spent most of my time standing around, taking pictures, or even blogging.. but I don't. I spend much of my AV time in motion, moving and exploring and dancing ( yes, even nude on a dance pole :matte-motes-silly: ). Once the collective creative skills and availability of lots of options gets to a point where I feel mesh is viable for me, then I might do that, otherwise I'm just fine waiting.

  5. While it's true that available memory in SLI is limited to that of one of the two cards, and Sl doesn't, in fact, have any built in support for it, it's also true that you may not need any built in support to get some very nice gains by simply adding another card to your existing one. As someone who has ran SL and went from a single card to SLI with the same card, I can tell you that forcing SLI mode through the nVidia control panel applet does indeed get you some nice gains in SL. In my case it was anywhere from 30% - 60% performance boost depending on the situation/location. It wasn't any additional rendering power because the slave card only handles offloaded tasks and texture work from the master card, but that process is still much faster than only having a single card do all the work by itself. It's also worth noting that SLI no longer requires each card to be identical models.. any faster card will automatically run at the speed of the slower one but you can still take advantage of any extra cores / shader units / etc.. that a faster card might have. The real downside to SLI is power and heat. It can tax even a top of the line power supply (high watt and DUAL 12v rails recommended for stability), and the extra heat generated can be a royal pain in the a$$ if your case doesn't have great airflow and fans.

  6. Reverse the order in which you wear the alphas... do the top first, then the hands. The last alpha you wear always overlaps the one before it if it's on the same part of the body. Ultimately it shouldn't matter but I've seen it where the order you wear them in make a difference before. so it's worth a try. May also need to clear cache first as well.

  7. SuzettaLatonya wrote:

    Can anyone tell me why the stockings and socks are tearing at the ankles i have went all the way down to nude and no feet and it still happens i have  tried the alphas nothing is working.

     You can see on the sides that the black leg part sticks out and away from the ankle part of the shoe... you need to edit the shoes/feet and move them down.. so the 'top of the fake foot' part meets where the leg cutoff is. You also may need to resize the shoes to fit a little better, and may have to adjust the shoe layers 'heel' and/or 'platform' height to keep your shoes out of the ground.

  8. Windlight is a whole light and environment package which is now integrated into the Enviroment Editor (World > Environment Settings > Environment Editor). In it you can find many presets that'll give you the light and look you want, plus you can tinker with all the settings and create your own custom presets as well. Environment Editor

    For most people it seems windlight is the answer, but there are some who simply must change how they appear to *other* residents as well... and for that the only choice is to use face/body light attachments. If you choose to change the local environment around you by wearing lights then please be aware that this also affects every other resident in the area. If the SIZE of the light is kept to within your personal space area, then most people don't seem to have any issue with them no matter how bright they are. However, if your light casts far away and onto other people and objects not really close to you, it's a sure way to get yourself blocked / muted / derendered...never to be seen again... and possibly insulted, called a noob, or asked to remove it or leave by the venue owners. Excessive personal lights are the bane of many people that hang in social places, so use with caution and moderation.

  9. On combat sims and damage-enabled parcels, you'll be able to see a red heart icon near the top bar of your viewer, next to the location name/info box, in the same place as the other little icons that specify a certain sim/parcel setting. The worst thing that happens if you get "hurt" from a damage-enabled weapon on land that allows it is you get teleported home... that's it. Far worse and much more annoying things can happen if the land you're on allows rezzing of objects (cages,bullets,etc..), and/or has push enabled (throwers,orbiters,push bullets,etc..).

    If the sim rules specify a strict 'no weapon at all' rule, then letting another resident know about it is a fair thing to do. That is a bit different then a 'no weapon USE' rule, which means you can have them and wave them around, just don't try attacking anyone with them (most social places like clubs are like this, but always read the rules anyway, or just ask).

    Also, be aware that a very high percentage of public sims that aren't meant for pure roleplay or combat will usually have damage, push, and object rez turned off to help prevent griefing. In this case, any worn or used weapons are totally harmless even if they are designed for combat, so the best rule is to err on the side of tolerance, not caution. Many people wear weapons strictly for decoration as a part of their outfit, or just to look cool, so asking someone to remove them on a sim where they won't work anyway is more than likely just going to piss them off.

  10. Dnkiwi wrote:

    we would just be looking at something private where we can be together  but at same time we need minimal costs as both of us not able to afford the expensive stuff

    Living on the cheap with *reasonable* expectations of privacy isn't that difficult. As Kwowl said, a good choice for those who are new to SL is having one of you sign up for a premium account and then getting a linden home ( using the free 512meter allowance that comes with premium ). They are small with not a lot of prims available, but the investment is also very small and it's a good way to learn for yourself how land, privacy, neighbors, etc.. all work.

  11. Not exactly... There's really no "rooms", or "chats" as some call them, no super private instances of a simple background "room" that basically doesn't even exist to the rest of the residents. Much of second life land is like your real life neighborhood, in that you can buy a piece of land and put a house on it and live inside it, but you'll still have neighbors. Same is true of the Linden Homes, only the houses are prebuilt and the land they're on comes with more restrictions then regular mainland. The other option is estate land, which is privately owned by another resident. You can rent a parcel or whole region from them, but since they pay LL for it then they're the boss of it and make all the rules on it. The only real guarantee of privacy is to purchase a whole private region from LL and that is NOT cheap. Most people seem to make due by renting a reasonable estate parcel from a respectable landlord, or by getting a premium membership and purchasing their own piece of mainland.

  12. Kenbro Utu wrote:

    I notice the OP never really mentions in-world griefing, only unauthorized use of an account; as far as I can decipher.  

    With this person's account being so often "compromised" I can only see a couple of real possibilities here.  One is that the person's computer has been compromised with a key logger, and they need to secure their computer and learn about computer security.  The other option is that the "partner" is not totally on the up and up about their activities in Second Life and uses the "I have been hacked" clause as a defense for covering up dubious actions.

    Call me jaded, but it's just a gut feeling that hit me when reading the post.

    That's exactly what I thought right from the start...he said 'changed password' and so the only way this guy could get in again is either he's logging keystrokes on her computer, or she's sharing that password with him willingly.

    I call it being justifiably suspicious based on previous real peoples behaviors.. no tin foil hat required.

  13. Tari Landar wrote:

    Most won't work  and the few that do are extremely unreliable and hit or miss(more miss than hit) at best.


    I did not know this, thanks. I've only boughten 3 of them for my alts over the years and they all worked without any issues.. but if the greater consenus is that they're too glitchy .. then yeah, he should probably skip that idea and just set himself up with a Paypal account or something.

  14. Ricky40 wrote:

    Is it possible in anyway, like in real life when you do an e-transfer or something?

    Probably the easiest way would be to have them purchase one of those pre-paid credit debit cards for you instead. They can be purchased just about anywhere, and then you can use it as payment info for yourself in SL and charge your SL stuff to that until the funds are depleted. Other than that... not sure... there's always Paypal.

  15. You can also do it the lazy way (for which I'm nearly famous for) and just edit them while wearing, select the 'edit linked prims' checkbox on the edit window, then select and/or shift-select to highlight the unwanted other jewelry pieces and then move them into your head and hide them there. As long as the jewelry doesn't have particle bling (cuz bling is a capitol offense in SL) then you can just leave them there hidden and nobody will ever know or care.

  16. The short answer is no, not really... and your marketing reason would be exactly why that is. They're pumping up their ad pictures with photo software to try to make what they sell look as good as possible, and many times it becomes something that unrealistically represents what they're actually selling. Experience at shopping and modding items can negate much of that annoying advantage that sellers have, but that skill is a learned one and takes a bit of time to develop.

  17. Ceka Cianci wrote:

    ya i would have never guessed those for sure..

    they look so close to the ones in america..

    and all are so cute hehehehe

    They look very similar lol, and are quite the looker as far as squirrels go. The only reason i knew they were palm squirrels right away instead of chipmunks is the fact that I feed our chipmunks nearly every day, even by hand, so it's easier to spot the difference when you've seen so many up close.

  18. Madelaine McMasters wrote:

    Ceka Cianci wrote:

    LOL omg i jumped back on that one part!! it caught me off guard..hehehehe

    those are ground squirrels aren't they? chipmunks?

    Yep, some people don't know their critters.

    A friend of mine rescued a chippy years ago and raised it in a terrarium. She let it loose once and it immediately vanished. I was over visiting later that day when I heard screaming from their bathroom. The little devil had crawled into the core of the toilet paper roll hanging on the wall and was terrorizing her daughter.

    Nature is the greatest show on Earth.

    Chipmunks are cute, and those in the video are NOT chipmunks at all...lol.

    Those are Indian Palm Squirrels. http://www.fotothing.com/photos/9cc/9cc388e86e7bcbaaecb31455a1522f6c_595.jpg

    Nature is also the most confusing show on earth  :smileytongue:

  19. Stop and ask yourself if what you're feeling is really only because he played Sl on an alt, or it it's because you might have expected that every minute of his free SL time should naturally be spent with you, now that you're partnered and all. If you did think that in some unwritten sort of way, then the fault for what you're feeling lies with you, and not him. He didn't live up to something you had expected or assumed, but unless you specifically addressed this kind of situation with him before you took the plunge then it's on you for bringing unvoiced, hidden expectations or conditions into a mutual partnership and expecting him to live up to them. This is SL, when it comes to relationships you assume nothing, talk about every.. EVERYthing beforehand, and know that all shortcuts to bliss are fake and deceptive.

  20. Griffin Ceawlin wrote:

    Should I be sim-ejected for my facelight?

    Some would argue that you should get ejected, but they'de have no legitimate claim, and could only provide points to argue about that are only valid for the supernova type lights ... because it's not the light itself that's causing them grief. The real reason would be because you break the "all facelight users are vain selfish overbright griefers, facelights are teh ebil" stereotype... and for those who simply MUST stereotype everything, you represent a wild card, a change to a held notion, a risk to their internal status quo.. and so you MUST get attacked. Anything that doesn't fit neatly into one of their stereotypical mental catagories gets pounded on until it fits, or until it breaks... that's how these people make sense of reality.

  21. Madeline Blackbart wrote:

    that's kinda attention wh*reish....

    ^^ Exactly that right there^^

    There IS NO other reason why people chime out "hey look at me, pay attention to me.. pleeeeze" statements like that one in local chat. I consider them just another sad form of veiled begging to be the 'belle of the ball'.

    As for looking... absolutely not. People who would openly beg for attention have nothing i would be interested in, regardless of what they wear or look like. Most of them end up being blocked/muted due to their immature antics fairly soon anyway.

  22. The problem with facelights isn't the amount of brightness one has, it's the amount of space around the person that's affected by the lights radius setting. Nobody will ever get angry if someone chooses to light themselves up like the sun if the only area that the light affects is the persons immediate personal space. It's when facelights have a large radius that their light affects other people around them and they get pissed off. If people choose NOT to be selfish and keep the light radius size small, then they can have all the brightness they like and not make instant enemies of other people in the area.

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