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  1. Search: Ricci Beebe brings up THREE of my 50+ items.

    Search CLIMAX brings up 3 other stores with climax in their title but does nor show my store at all...

    Any ideas?  Am I doing something wrong in my listings or is search really this terrible?

    (Settings are: General, Moderate, Adult - so should show all)


    Ricci Beebe



    Ariel - new to this Answers forum and can't see a way to reply to you so adding it up here:

     I have sent you a screenshot of my search in world ... I'm puzzled by your search working properly but I get the 3 item results with searches by myself and an alt. Very odd  (CLIMAX search does not bring up anything at all related to me!)

  2. I would just like to agree.  I hope Lindens hurry up with a DK2 version of their viewer - the video by Torley on the Project viewer download page looks like it IS the DK2 - with head tracking etc.  When I try to use this viewer though it says 'no device connected' although it is ready with blue led and everything - sigh.

  3. Communication just gets worse - my stuff just stopped selling a week ago despite everything apparantly fitting LLs guidlines and test delivery working OK... and today I have tried at least 100 times to upload an image and t just ignores me!


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