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  1. OK I have sent in the threats  I been sent.. due to these ding bats have been region ban   .. they keep crashing sim and also  sending alts.. I have scripts off and no flying to .. but they still can fly up and then   crash sim... I been running club for other owner and have had mine for  4 years   .. So Im done being nice.. these ding bats need to be removed with a perm ban..  I send in abuse  ticket with   all the   times they   crash sim and also sent me a threat ..  so  What is LL going to do about it...  This is  wrong ..  and I been in  game  10 years.  

  2. thank you I done it all and same names been reported. more then a few times.. also cannot take a picture when your are froze n a crash.. even one of the live chat in help was at the sim and they crashed. it..

    I done it all but you ban them even region ban it is worse.. . on you, they bring in alts., also . they can still crash you from off sim. to.. there even a FB page and link I sent of them bragging on crashing sims.. nothing been done.. due to they can do there IP change due to they know how to do it.. and being a club I have to let scripts on and only ones that can rezz is staff who work at the club and also residents who live on sim.. .. so banning or Estate ban dont work they can crash you off sim anytime they want to.. ..

  3. I have reported names..  Had my sim  crashed 7 times in a row a couple times..  . we moved .. They are crashing other sims and they  think it is a game.. it affects our computers if they do a graphic  crash , it affects the cost that goes out for our sims. and we loose vips extra.. due to it is a club.. ..

    These  Avies are still in game.. which I know they have other IPS.. other alts.. but still it seems Bullying is allowed in second life.. 

    I been in game soon for  8 years and  the past year it has gotten worse.  MCs  say thst word RESPECT .. and some show it but other dont.. they  are Bullies

    There avies should be removed  and not allowed back in game .

  4. I have been hosting for close to  5 years and also have ran two clubs fo owner for pass  4 years or more..

    1, I make gestures. most to infor people on what is going on in the club raffle so on

    2. gesture are fun with in reason

    3. host  are there  to be the host of the party which means they need to know how to read there Djs .. like if a DJ gets quiet in local then they should have there Dj in IM and ask are you busy with request, so then a host job is to keep chat going in local , be funny , ask vips how they are and things always pop up in local you can keep chat going ,and also need to make sure to be able to see if dj is having tech issue and they need to also keep the room busy 

    4. Caps for host can or cannot be used. I may at times use them but really it up to the host.  most place I find want host to use caps.. and really that is a small thing so no one should get to upset over  caps. . hit the big stuff that is a small issue\

    5. I love themes more then contest.. so hey if you can do themes with there djs brings out more fun for them

    6 HOst need to  be able to work with radio  and this really shows if they can host..  if they can keep people in a room with out a Dj well that shows a lot  and also  able to host with  1 vip  to more.. 

    7. Host  puts on a part vips will see and come back.. it is work  but hey  all pays off

    8 Greeting is a big thing . and you never ever use  welcome **bleep** to greet anyone or honey or anything  that will tick off a partner or jsut sound rude..  

    9. big issue to turn vips off the momma and daddy thing omg the complaint I have gotten  . it is ok with in limits also play fighting  have to watch can be made to be like drama and vips hate that

    10  Host need to  know how to have fun and creat fun. .bring up themes or just plan simple be funny

    You have to work on stuff see what works.. if you dont your sets wil show  by no vips or less showing up but if you can  fix that and watch vips wil start to show up just to see the host at times  due to the fun..

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