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  1. I think SL is just like any other social network, you can talk to people and make new friends just like in fb, twitter or even msn.
    Almost 4 years ago I met my actual rl partner. He's from Italy, I'm from Argentina. We both had to learn each other langeages cos english all time was wierd, mostly cos it was time to meet our families. So... now we have a 2yo daugther and a 4 month baby :)
    I dont know if Iv been lucky, I know my destiny was to be with him and if we didnt meet in SL we would have met in any other place, I'm sure about that.
    Anyway, I think its so wrong when people comes to SL with huge expectations of finding love.
    I never did that, just come to sl to have a good time with my friends. And not so often now as my kids dont give me the time :P
    Oh and yes, relationships is sl ARE real... we'r not pixels, behind that avi there are real people. So how can that not be real? :/

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