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  1. Hello forums!

    I'm looking for someone with a nice mesh avatar who wouldn't mind posing for some photos. I am trying to practice my photography and editing skills, but have only done so on female avatars. I'm looking for someone who will not mind posing with others and is able to change outfits to suit whatever poses are given. It'll be fun and a couple free pics will be given out! If anyone is interested, let me know in-world!


    My name in-world is Jubi.Juneberry :) 

  2. Hi forums!


    I'm looking for someone who has interests in both paragraph RP and photography who may be in need of a friend or partner! I love to experiment with different poses and photoshop so having someone to take pics with would be awesome for all my neglected couples poses :matte-motes-stress: Also, I love to RP so if you're into that too, let me know! Maybe we can play sometime :D



  3. Hello everyone!

    I have been searching for someone for the longest time that may be able to make a hockey uniform for a toddleedoo avatar.

    If there is anyone capable of doing this, I'd love to talk to you! Feel free to leave me a message on here or contact me in world. My name is Lylah Grimm (Jubi.Juneberry). I'm really hoping someone can help me! This uniform would mean the world to my child! :D

  4. Has any out there seen a hockey uniform/costume made for toddleedoo avatars? I've been looking all over, but can't find one anywhere! 



    If you happen to see one or know of one, please let me know! It would be much appreciated! :D


    ~Lylah Grimm (Jubi.Juneberry)

  5. I'm looking for a brand that would go on the hip.... Sure, there are many brands on the hip, but for this brand it would have to say **bleep**. Has anyone seen a brand like this!? Or maybe can make one? 

  6. I've been searching the MP for what seems like forever now for a place that sells custom tattoos for behind the ear/ on the neck! I'm looking to get a tattoo with a name in that spot but my luck seems to stink cuz no one has anything! If there's anyone who would be interested to do this tattoo for me, we can discuss a price and everything... I just really want the tat! :matte-motes-big-grin-squint:

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