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  1. 1 hour ago, Chery Amore said:

    I dunno usually I have problems with neighbors putting ugly things up. Big screens. Tall modern buildings in a snowy landscape with mostly cabins. Low skyboxes. Sandboxes with just prims floating around.  The list of ugly views can go on and on...   If their home area looks like yours I'd consider it a backdrop or continuation of a theme and enjoy the view personally. 


    ...... it's not really a continuation though - it's EXACTLY the same down to the furniture, had it been all the buildings, I would have understood - they are awesome but to do it exactly the same with the same things - is annoying, anyhoo de-rendered it ...looking at other lands. 😃 so yay for building! *claps hands*

  2. 1 minute ago, Sid Nagy said:

    I have accumulated so much stuff over the years, I could easily redecorate a parcel a dozen and more times completely without paying an extra L$.
    So, yes,  it would be tempting to stay a while before moving on, just to empty their wallets first a bit.


    😄Also true for me. I was actually mortified when I realised how many houses and landscape stuff I have. Who needs that many? Me...ME I do!

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  3. 14 minutes ago, Sid Nagy said:

    I'm a person who tends to pay more than a month in advance too when I found a place that I like.
    But, when I have enough of a place I leave all the same. Still rent on the ticker or not.  I just chalk it up as learning money.

    Yeah same, just annoyed I've paid so far in advance and as previously stated if I wanted to move to somewhere else within their land (and they have much) I would be expected to pay for that land, rather than an empathetic 'yeah we get it, it's annoying', let's get you moved so you don't have to look at it and just transfer your lindens.

  4. 5 minutes ago, Rowan Amore said:

    What exactly would you have them do?  If I were your landlord, I'd ask the same thing.  There's nothing inherently wrong with what your neighbor is doing.  Annoying, sure but lots of things are annoying in SL that aren't against LL's rules or private estate rules.  

    Well nothing, I was referring to them in general - be pointless even asking for a move as I would be expected to pay for that - the same way I forked for their laggy sim that apparently 'wasn't laggy because our sims are not' and then fork out again to move from that.

  5. 27 minutes ago, Rick Nightingale said:

    This is the way!

    If you have the means of course. I've been very happy on my rented 1/3 slice (but with half the region's prims) of homestead, even with neighbours.

    Oh, I've been happy where I was for a few months, it's been great...until the other day. Shame really with the exception of the owner (who you don't need to speak to) it's been great, low lag, quiet, great corner.

    Edited 'cause I can't spell.

  6. 6 minutes ago, Ceka Cianci said:

    I can understand the bitter sweet of something like that.. But anything I ever made for my land never really lasted very long anyways, because as soon as a new idea came up, I would rip out the old build and start on the new one.. It's the same with my avatar as well..

    I guess in a sense, the advantage of having an old inventory is nice in the fact that, there are many things that don't exist anymore unless someone picked them up when they were around.. I always enjoy finding a use for those things.. I could enjoy a build for a little while, but could never really settle into them..

    Now If I actually created everything in my build, or seen things in a build that I did create from scratch.. That would be a different story, because then I would know they were stealing and on a viewer that isn't allowed.. That would get them reported..

    Honestly myself, I don't mind if someone does that, because I know it's just temporary until the next idea jumps in my head.. But I can understand it bothering someone else..

    The thrill for me is putting it together and hunting or making things and  seeing it through and enjoying it while it lasts..Then get some pictures to remember it before it's gone..

    If someone does want to copy some build of mine..They better be able to get everything pretty quick though, because it may go poof and leave them  with half way there.. hehehe




    Agreed and usually, the builds don't last very long because I change things, often ie the front room changed over the weekend, and the garden trees changed last week.

    Etc etc, so it is a frequent change, some things I put together from pulling apart other stuff and making things, she had copied that, however, has since taken those. I would overlook it if it was just the buildings as they are really nice buildings however it's the furnishing placement that is bothering me - by all means take some ideas, make them your own but have a little decorum and imagination.

    And yes, the thrill is finding, hunting and putting together things is what I enjoy - I have a LL home that I pull apart the most because it's small *chuckles* and taking it apart and redoing it kills the craving to move and build/design for a little while.

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  7. 19 minutes ago, Sid Nagy said:

    My 2 cents:
    There is the option to go on and fight the evil  and the other option is to move and then move on.
    SL has more than 27 thousand regions.
    The place is big enough for all of us.  Personally I would move on and leave them behind.

    It is however I have forked a lot of money to a landowner who has zero empathy and or any policy other than 'well we have your money' so tough. I've paid for quite a few weeks, all was well until the neighbour started, so I had no problem paying a lot of Lindens for the next 6-8 weeks.

    But yeah, will be moving.😃

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  8. 26 minutes ago, Rick Nightingale said:

    They'll just copy it 🤣. Sorry, couldn't resist.

    I can imagine the WTF level of frustration, but there's really nothing that can be done. Whatever reason they have for doing it, they likely won't respond usefully to any confrontation about it.


    Yeah, they most likely will, they've copied everything else, pondering offering her money so she can change her name to something like mine - surprised that's not happened.

    The WTF level of frustration is HIGH! Not going to confront them, am not interested in them enough to do so. I will however ***** everywhere until rental runs out then move - and change everything, 'cause nah, it's really not flattering, it's childish and rude. 😃 Homestead, no neighbours is looking good.



  9. 23 minutes ago, Caeruleiae said:

     I've seen a lot of places in sl that if I ever get more space I would love to replicate because they're done so well. Some people have really limited creativity and get easily inspired by the creativity of others.


    Oh gosh absolutely the same, I wouldn't though, build it right next door! 

  10. I've been on SL for a long time and am usually terribly tolerant of everything and everyone (despite my profile quotes on people). As its St Patrick's Day, I shall use:-

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness. - Oscar Wilde

    And that's precisely it imitation - having spent months perfecting land, purchasing the house, outbuildings, furniture, and foliage drawing out a plan (I'm a little OCD) making things fit changing, evolving, working hard, hours and hours of work went into it, changing scaling back, refitting, buying moving (fitting it in around working hours and other SL/Discord commitments). I've nearly finished it only to find out by accident (which was pointed out by a visitor) that the 'creative and talented' neighbour (her words not mine) has just sat and copied every single building of mine onto her parcel.

    The neighbour is the directly connected parcel. *1000-yard stare* 

    I mean don't get me wrong I have been to many a place where I have loved an item, that I have purchased it and used it somewhere in my build, destinations are a great source of wonderful minds, skills and imagination that have spurred me to purchase same or similar items - trees, bushes, landscape items, furniture.

    But to take someone else's hard work and just...well....copy it to the parcel next door is not flattering in any way shape or form. 

    When I say copy I mean outhouses, and house, using space exactly the same way I have i.e turning a lighthouse looks out into a bar, splitting the rooms in the main house the same way etc etc

     I'm embarrassed for them and really annoyed -  a limited imagination copying someone else (the neighbour) is cringe.

    Now on the back of that, do I ignore it, say something, block them and put up a sign with a big arrow saying 'if you ordered from wish?

    Should I be flattered? 

    Should I just offer her the list of items from my inventory and make it a little easier for them? 😆

    I do not feel flattered.

    Happy St Patrick's day to those celebrating around the globe from disgruntled in Ireland!🍀









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