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  1. I got my body!  I just had to remove all my Bloodline huds.  I guess customers were being harassed by vampires.  Up to 30 times a day.  I'm glad I joined a group that respects all the peeps on SL and Sims owned by them.  Now I don't have to make an alt.  Hard enuff to keep this one active.  Thank you all that took time to respond to my ranting.  Hugs

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  2. 25 minutes ago, LittleMe Jewell said:

    As was mentioned previously -- just create an alt and give the alt the L$ needed to buy & gift the Lara body to you.  

    Side note - once you have the body, you don't actually need to go to the store for any updates.  Those can be done with the updater that comes with the body.


  3. I did contact anyone that could help me on the sims.  My friends who have the Lara body already and are Vampires had the same thing happen to them.  They wondered how they were going to upgrade?  My family is totally against the Vampire that use lies, badgering ,and total disrespect for other players in SL.  I am hoping I will get a Lara body,  but if not who else sells a good body that wears maitreya clothing?

  4. Thank you for you responses.  I have been told on some sims that my scripts were to many.  But this is new.  A big red circle around your avi telling everyone that your a Vampire has basically arrive.  Some avatars are annoying to me also, but if a person respects the sims rules they shouldn't be put in a batch of (Oh no she is one of them).  It sounds like what is going on in the real world today.  Like I mentioned I have never been banned before.  I'm not keeping any Dark Secrets here.  I just want to buy my body and continue to enjoy SL.  I think anyone would be taken back if it would of happen to them.  TY for all your input.  It is appreciated.

  5. I have been on SL for over 11 yrs. and have never been banned from a store because I portray a Vampire in here.  My family that I belong to are very respectful to all peoples and sims.  I do not run wild in a biting frenzy.  I went to the Isle that sell Lara bodies, but when I arrived They said I had like 15 seconds to get my Bloodline Hud off.  I took it off.  I still got booted and now I can't get there at all.  Don't we have enough of that stuff in real life?  This is suppose to be a fun place to live your fantasy.  I am truly upset over this.  My friends bought there bodies there and they are all Vampires in here.  I wrote 3 people that are in charge of the store.  If I get help I wonder?  Where can I go to get a mesh body?  Help someone.

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