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  1. I've been out of the SL loop for a few years now. Is Firestorm still considered the best? I downloaded it to my PC and it feels pretty crappy. I don't remember it feeling this way, which is odd because my computer today is better than the one I had a few years back. Is there currently a better 3rd party viewer to use? Or, is there a way to reduce lag on Firestorm? Please note that I do have FS set to the highest graphical setting and am hard pressed to turn it down any. If my PC can handle major AAA titles with little to no issues I find it ridiculous that Second Life tanks its performance so drastically. Of course, I know there's a difference between, let's say Assassin's Creed Valhalla and Second Life, like from the ground up, but I'm a graphics junkie and need the prettiest graphics setting possible. 

    Any help, be it some things I can do on Firestorm, or you pointing me in the direction of a better view, would be much appreciated. 

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