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  1. I'm not new to SL. I've been playing since 2008. But I stopped playing around 2015/2016. I've recently returned and it seems impossible to meet new people. Everyone is much more antisocial and shy nowadays. No one talks in local chat anymore. No one talks on voice anymore. I know you can DM people to talk, but I don't know how to break the ice to go beyond just small talk. Most people give uninterested one word replies and the conversations ends up going no where. It's also hard to find a place that even has a group of people. Most sims I TP to are empty. If I'm lucky to find a sim with people, they tend to be bots or perpetually AFK. The only places I've found with tons of people are music clubs and shopping events. But I'm not into clubbing nor am I a big shopper. I miss the old hangout spots that had people congregating just for the sake of chatting and meeting new people. Where do you guys hang out and make new friends?

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