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  1. I use one called Amani Tranquil AO (Bento). It's so calm I don't need to use a pose stand to try on outfits. I was desperately looking for an AO without the hyperactive juvenile animations they all seem to have. As an adult female, I haven't played hopscotch or jet plane for a while, and I don't crouch down to scratch my butt and look at my toes at random times. I am relieved that I don't have to watch my avatar making a ridiculous spectacle of herself anymore!


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  2. How often have I wished SL had an Undo function; that would have saved me from several mistakes! Worst of all is when you delete the skybox you're in. Not only do you feel dumb, you have go back up and retrieve all your stuff. I will add another suggestion: go to Edit before you delete the item. Either right click the item and choose Edit or open the Edit Tool and then click on the item. That way you can verify the item you want to delete is the one you are about to delete.

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