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  1. Bringing in jewelry and accessories sounds like I great idea!! 

    Oh yes, I feel like on most platforms it truly about who you know! But thank you for that detailed explanation I really needed it! I'm now a lot more aware of what to expect, and thank you for the luck. I'll need that too! 😅

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  2. Thank you for explaining, this it now makes sense. I am in no way expecting any one to hand over anything! Though I've been on SL for 8 years I'm new to creating here and created a new account so those who knows me from creating on other platforms recognise my name and Brand on Second Life too. I've known other new creators to get DEV Kits in a matter of days, so I was just curious to why I was unable to acquire one even when using my aged account. I will definitely check out the less created for bodies Thank you. And Thank you all for your answers. :) 

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  3. So I'm currently a mesher on IMVU, However I'm looking to extend this and hopefully become a mesher on Second Life as I believe the possibilities are endless! For around 6 months now I've been applying for dev kits. But I never hear anything back. I know I'm not an established creator in SL but its pretty impossible when you aren't given the chance. Has anyone else found it near impossible to get a Dev Kit, and if you have received one, How long did it take?

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