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  1. ☺️Thank you I would love to visit the sims that you live on to see how nice it is on SL can you tell me the name so I could visit just to check it out Thank you for the bike store info very useful 🤗

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    5 hours ago, WillowTenage said:

    The moles are doing an amazing job :)  I've been strolling through all of the newer homes, and just appreciating all of their talent put to work.    The new homes keep getting closer to my home, now there is only one region between my home and the newer ones.  I decided to take a picture from one of the new homes, looking out to where I live.  It is funny to think soon all of that open space will be filled with even more homes.



    I also drove around for a while, checking out all of the work that has been done.  It is looking really fantastic, they are really quick at putting this stuff together, especially considering SLB16 had to be worked on as well. 



    I really love this car, it handles pretty well, although the wheels start to look funky from a distance :(


    I also created a video 😍  It is pretty boring, but I wanted to record something while we have had the privilege to watch all of the moles work.  




    Hehe, the thumbnail for the video is of someone who dropped in on me.  I wanted to say hello, but had my interface turned off.  I wonder who it was?  

    Thank you for the video very nice I am a premium account holder do you know the name of the sims (land) the new homes are on? where did you get your bike? I need one bad.


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