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  1. We have received a few applications for the above mentioned job posting already. However, I would request all applicants to include a few more details while reaching out to me. A notecard with examples (links of WP pages) of your works, your base rates, and if there is an email address we can use to reach out to you with will be immensely helpful. Thank you Estelle
  2. Dear forum members, On behalf of Bluestone Capital I am seeking for somebody talented with Wordpress to redesign our corporate website. The content (text, images) will be filled internally by staff, but we ran into some issues with the theme. Thus we need someone proficient with Wordpress, ideally CSS as well, to help us out. For further information and to pitch for this small project, please send an IM or notecard to Estelle Williams ((Estellenone Resident)). We look forward to hearing from you! Kind regards, Estelle Williams Assistant to the CEO, Bluestone Capital S.A.
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