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  1. yes, found it but it says its down for maintenance.... ha
  2. oh how do i do this Live chat?
  3. And no.... I have not received any email other than the acknowledgement that I submitted for the support tickets, and yes I have looked in my spam folders also.
  4. yes, there are others who use the house and was keeping an eye on my afk account while i was away. Is it not ok to leave an account afk for long periods?
  5. Oh wait.... i need to clarify my wording .... they have been "put on hold"
  6. banned from logging into my 2 premium accounts.... this is not a premium account, and is not the same email nor have i used payment info on this account i submitted a "why" to them
  7. I have been on holiday for the past 4 days, but when I went away I left 1 account on in my home. When I got back, both of my accounts have been banned and I am completely clueless as to why. Both of these accounts are the only managers of a group owned land, and I don't going around making up trouble, infact one of them is 3 months pregs. I really am clueless as to why this has happened, and the only thing I can think of is going afk for 2 days on the non pregs account in my home. Does anyone know why ***** like this happens? and just how long it will take to give them back to me? and will I get them back into the group as managers?
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