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  1. This may sound a little selfish or a little lame but the person that impacted my Slife the most is ... me.

    I decided to sign up years ago, in search for wonders of the beautiful human mind. I decided to not give up on the massive learning curve and then mesh and bento when I returned from my over 2yrs long hiatus. I decided to get married and take that hiatus. I fked up my marriages.

    I decided to return. I decided to be at a specific venue, at a specific time despite boredom and lag. I decided to be there 5 more minutes than intended. There it was me that discovered the most perfect avi that I decided not to give up on despite everybody telling me it cannot exist.

    Someone once said: 5 minutes of insane courage. 5 minutes is all it takes and I promise you something good will come out of it.

    I decided to message that beautiful avi and I decided to let him into my RL. I decided to fall in love with him harder than ever before.

    I decided to let my mental illness speak for me at one point and lost him. I decided not to move on. I decided not to delete this account.

    I managed to get him back. I managed to keep him as close to me as humanly possible. I gave him my whole damn heart. I decided to take massive RL risks for him. I won. I got the best man on this earth in my life 24/7.

    ~sooo even though it may sound like I'm not giving anybody any credit, all i'm trying to say is that ultimately the most important person in our lives is in fact us. took me a lot to realise this thingie. :3 

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  2. I mostly look up anything I need on Flickr, add it to my wishlists there, go to said events, area search > title of the item > right click > buy > bye

    lol i mostly buy from the mainstream creators of sl, no use in demoing anything from them. stuff like blueberry will never disappoint. i just grab fatpacks and go. lol

    also sometimes i go to events on my animesh horse, some would think because i want to be fancy, but it's actually much easier to run around lol. and also because i want to be fancy :3 



    p.s. to my shame  i never sort anything in my inventory. i just use the vendor pics and upload them to my cts visual wardrobe. i also have a stupid good memory and just remember titles by heart. also, more or less known inventory hack. always keep your Recent tab on a custom setting where you input the start date like 9999 days and it automatically sorts your items from the latest, most recent one (at the top) to the first one you ever bought (at the bottom) also if you right click folders (properties) it will show you the date of purchase sooo that's how you sort the items by date foreverrr. lol

    p.s. II also to my shame yet again i have no patience with collecting gifts or hunt items the way they should be. i just tp in, area search > title of gift box > cam out reaally far > wait like 30 sec for all items to show > ctrl+a > touch > collect them as they spam me rushing in > tp out and unbox in peace. lol


  3. SL relationships are full time relationships to me. period

    I didn't look for one specifically when I joined but I have had the opportunity of meeting the right man for me at the right time.

    We share everything, absolutely every single thing outside and inside SL. We talk daily and we make it work even though we are on almost opposite timezones. There's a certain comfort and security knowing you can share so much and that the other person is not playing any games with you.

    I've had several relationships from either SL or other virtual worlds taken to RL and even meetings in person and all went okay so far. 

    As far as availability goes, I am exclusive to my man in both worlds and I take our bond extremely seriously. That's a personal choice.

    My feelings are just as real in any worlds.

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  4. I mean, yeah some context is needed, but as a sl/rl hybrid myself i can appreciate the people that in a world of perfect avis decide to show their real selves.

    Hope you you find the right partner/partners for you. ^^


  5. On 12/5/2019 at 6:04 AM, Tolya Ugajin said:

    SL will always be what it always has been.  Primarily a place for socially awkward or isolated people to come to try and live a "normal" life, or people who cannot live out the lives the want in RL.  All the business, content creation, etc. are merely part of that, or exist mainly to support that customer base.

    Having 40K+ users logged in at once more than 15 years after it hit the attention of the masses demonstrates just how appealing such a place is.

    I would also add that much like gaming online in general (not saying it's a game) it lets you actually interact with other people rather than your local squad. As a half russian, half egyptian living in eastern europe, i cannot relate with these people so i'd rather meet randoms online and then meet them somehow irl too and i have and they have been the strongest bonds i've ever made my entire life (not only in sl).

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  6. On 11/18/2019 at 1:02 PM, Lureo said:

     In normal life we never dress in all black and long dress like in 17e century.

    erm. not to be an ahole but most of my outfits are composed of corsets and bohemian jewelry and i own 6 swords. lol just saying some DO dress like in the 17th century or even earlier than that. ^^

  7. Heyaa


    Not exactly sure where to post this, but I kept hearing about this cooking system, well not exactly only for cooking, but that's the part of it I'm interested in.

    There's a lot of instructions and recipes and all that and I even watched some vlogs about it but I just can't wrap my head around it so, I looked inworld for mentors of sorts but so far no luck. lol


    Anybody wanna teach this clueless midget how to use it? ^^ I give nice cookies in return and sometimes I'm funny. :3


  8. My story is a bit hard to believe but nonetheless true.

    I came into SL on another account circa 2008-9? with the sole purpose of escorting for L's and cashing out while doing my camwork IRL. I've also done RP of all sorts, managing businesses, modelling, rode with MCs and what not. I'm one for experiences, all sorts of experiences with all kinds of wonderful people. I took several hiatuses and that is okay, got married IRL during said hiatuses, but due to unfortunate series of events none of my marriages lasted the year. 

    Came back to SL to stay circa 2 years ago and kind of put my adult work on hold and focused more on exploring. At this point not only I had given up on any SL or RL relationships for good, but I was that one sarcastic friend mocking them.

    Until one night I was chilling at the chamber with my sister who for years told me not to stick to my otherwise very strict list of many boxes that just need and must be checked, all of them, every single one.

    For the record, I'm sometimes that ahole that doesn't budge from landing point lol and this one very quiet and chatter-less night, the most perfect avi I have ever seen falls out of the skies and knocks me onto sand. lol One could say love at first rezz xD.

    It took me about a week if not more. I thought that either: a. someone pranked me and knowing me and what I liked created the perfect avi for me b. he is out of my league and must be taken for sure c. he is out of my league and won't DM back.

    None of those proved to be the case. More days pass and I accidentally bump into him in other places. At this point I've worked up the courage (because he was to me That beautiful I did not dare IM lol) and he replied in possibly the most beautiful way anybody has ever replied to me in any game/social platform ever.

    Luckily he was also the type to mix RL/SL however at this point, my skeptical ass was so in love with his avi and his voice and his mind that I didn't want to ruin the bestest thing in my Slife by sharing pics. Until out of the blue he Discords me one night a selfie of himself and I found it... well... He not only didn't spoil the fantasy but proved to be infinitely more beautiful that the avi and than any other man I have ever dated before. And our star signs match. And he is a heathen seemingly made after my own pagan core. And he drives my fav car, cooks and he's a gamer too and all these other insane coincidences that not only matched everything on my list, but exceed that list by a loooong massive shot.

    What can I say, we're still a work in progress because we did have one very ugly fall out; damaged people unwillingly damage people, yet we've somehow found our way back together and have been only stronger ever since. I do believe that fall out was a test of sorts. I think we passed it.

    I am so glad I stuck to my list and that I did not settle for anything less than perfection. I wish anyone the chance to experience such a bond. I cannot be more thankful for having such a wonderful being in my life. I never thought something like this would ever happen to me. I'm more than glad it did.

  9. In a nutshell I think men are amazing. Always have, always will. Now a couple of details. :3

    I have worked as an escort in SL and other platforms for yearsss. Been a camgirl IRL too. That has thought me a lot about men and the human nature in general.

    I've learned that men can be much more primal but also that there are always exceptions, as with all things.

    I am in a SL/RL relationship although I never looked for it. I always have mixed RL/SL since voice and cam brought more Ls in the adult industry and because why the heck not. I've always been one very extra risk taker. 

    Before I met my perfect guy and retired from my work, I met about 10 people IRL from SL alone. All of those started with "hi hru". I always have and always will be exceptionally polite and well mannered even with the trollest of trolls. You never truly know who's behind the keyboard - maybe they're just drunk or high and goofing around. lol

    I've learned to be very flexible with my judgements of other people. Since I'm very much committed to my man now (because monogamy is what works best for me) I will still reply to each and every IM, even sexual ones and kindly end them with "proudly points to her collar" or "happily taken in both worlds  i truly hope you find yours as well" orrrr something along those lines. 

    Kindness is everything. Most people seem to be acting so savage all the time in this day and age. We forget to be kind to one another sometimes...

    *mew* that's alllll. now i'm gonna go for a catnap :3 

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  10. 17 hours ago, Alyona Su said:


    As I've always said (and know for fact) there are two types of shopper: those where price is priority and those where quality is priority and though there is always overlap, there is a balance, like the old style weight-scale, some put more points into lower price, others put more points into model (and other features) quality.


    + a 3rd category: those that value experiences. neither price nor quality are at the top of my list, but making the most out of my slife. fads come and go - i indulge into all of them because why not? sometimes great experiences can come out of it. it's all pretty pixels in the end. lol. maybe that's just mee and it's alright <33 

    i bought legacy just because i wanted the experience. no regrets this far :3 

  11. 7 hours ago, Pussycat Catnap said:


    And when I wore my head... the skin tones won't match up... this could be the skin maker... but I noticed someone else on the forums say the same thing...


    yep that was me. i bought a tooon of skins from you name any big stores over the last few months. lol didn't care about the cost, just wanted the lines gone, nope. they are still there. i mean the neck seam, the body cracks are gone for me after my last redelivery so yay. buutt the neck thingie is still there for any of my heads (4 catwas, one akeruka and all genuses) the neck sizes of the body need to be redefined so that light hits them properly if that makes any sense. lol

    otherwise i'm pretty okay with it ^^

  12. 2 hours ago, Erwin Solo said:

    Aye.  Thank you for making SL more welcoming to men.  My experience is that there are many such as you in SL. To find happiness in SL, one need only get out and explore a little bit. 

    lol. accidentally found happiness. wasn't even looking for it. he just fell on my head (quite literally)

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