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  1. I don't dance at all SL or RL. It's just not my thing; I do however like watching people dance and it just gives me the right kind of energy.

    I usually just sit in a corner all by myself and although I have very clearly stated in my profile that I do not want to be approached with any form of romantic interest in mind, I almost never wear skimpy clothes, I also do have a collar with my partner's name on at all times, a ring and everything I CANNOT get ignored regardless of whether I have a babyface on or a mature one. lol

    So my issue is the exact opposite and I've always wondered why. Could it be the past I've had working as an escort? Although I highly doubt I was ever that famous. Could it be that my partner box is empty because my man's not keen on partnership boxes lol guess there can be just as many answers as there are questions.



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  2. omg so many shopping lists ❤️

    most of my favorites have already been mentioned, however lemme add to that


    toksik - i honestly believe i own this whole store i just can't refrain lol they are soo up my alley

    nar mattaru

    noble creations

    the forge

    random matter






    david heather - this store is everything to me lol

    violent seduction 

    shina shan

    fallen gods

    miss chelsea


    enfant terrible



    cerberus xing cx

    nocturnal couture 



    rosary - for that loong smooth awesome fur coat of theirs lol 

    LANA - best plastic clothes anywhere and i cannot stress it enough lol




    vive nine/ryvolter



    eternus - great great great rising store





    le fil casse

    little fox


    big beautiful doll 

    bumblebee - new but lotsa potential 








    beauty factory




     ughh i could go ooon. i just buy a lottaaa things lol . xD my style is best defined as ancient mythological combined with cyber-futuristic with lots of occult holdables or exotic pets as accessories, a touch of insanity and haute couture and a lot of avant garde. *mew* also sometimes i'm a cat. or a panther. a lioness too. feline stuff xD lol

    i need coffee in me so badly after brainstorming all this lol hope hope hope it helps somebody some day. x


  3. 20 hours ago, vixiestardust said:

    Can you recommend a good coffee shop? That is what I have been looking for! Someplace chill that I can sit and talk to people.

    Burrow Coffee Co ❤️

  4. On 2/6/2020 at 12:20 AM, Lindal Kidd said:

    Now that is interesting!  I've used ASUS boards and peripherals, and an ASUS laptop, and have had excellent experiences with just about all of it.

    What brand WOULD you recommend?

    I'd say just like in my first comment, probably MSI. Maybe Razer, huge maybe.. 

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  5. 1 hour ago, Lucia Nightfire said:

    My 2cents, stick with Asus and do NOT go to msi.

    I used Asus with 4 builds with no problems. Went with msi on the latest and had to get an ethernet card and sound card because the driver's provided by msi to this day cause muffled sound and erratic, slow dl/ul speeds.

    I am Asus tech support irl and i would never recommend it to anybody lol xD

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  6. MSI is the way to go. I've always been impressed by their products. Maybe look for one with video capable USB Type C so you can connect your monitor and all that :3

    If i wanted to buy a lappie now as temporary replacement, I'd aim for a 12gb, gtx1060 some i5 or i7 until i could afford something better. 

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  7. 40 minutes ago, Rachel1206 said:

    Try and set antialising to 16! GForce drivers for the GTX 10XX-20XX seem optimized for this. I get higher FPS with antialising set to 16 than with lower values.

    i tried. i know what you mean and thanks for the tip. it works weird for me lol probably because of the overclock. i'm just grinding this machine until i fix my main, but you may be right it can work for some. 

  8. Not sure if it's a fix or just a workaround but I've changed my settings from the Geforce experience app itself from app-controlled by firestorm to manual overwritten settings.

    I used to get 60fps+ on a 1080ti before it fainted and died on me (chipset needs resoldering), now i'm on an overclocked 960m with 40fps+ in non crowded regions with everything at ultra, nearly 1k draw distance and max compelxity and all that. The only setting i have off is shadows. I even went as far as to set up the Lifelike feature on and 12x antialising. Besides heavily overclocking my i7 AND gpu, the key is to have your game profile controlled by geforce exp. As soon as I turn those settings back to app controlled I'm lucky to get 10fps.. it's honestly that big of a difference. Can't say which configuration works for you since it took me days and days of trial and error and a bunch of bluescreens but it's the workaround I found until I fix my 1080ti. 

    gosh i hope all that can help. 

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  9. People ultimately only seek happiness in some form or way. Perhaps the "cheater" had his own issues, perhaps the side chick was trying to get away from someone else. Too many sides to a story to judge or come to conclusions. Ultimately only the two (or more) involved into the bond know the actual truth. And sometimes, just sometimes, not even them. Nothing wrong with being someone's side as long as you know full well what you're in for and act accordingly. 

    Just saying ^^

  10. 20 minutes ago, AnneBardot said:

    there's hardly any new clothing that i've seen for the body, so maybe the enthusiasm for the body has died, i'm not sure.

    Flickrs groups post like 10+ new releases everyday. lol i think my flickr wishlist is over 3k items long also i've been constantly getting automatic redeliveries with legacy updates 

  11. 16 minutes ago, janetosilio said:

    I’ve been on SL for ten years and BoM is confusing to me. It’s confusing! I’ll take a crack at it, someone will correct me if I’m wrong.

    A head like Genus is still using onion layers. They haven’t  come out with a single mesh BoM head yet. So each layer is still there and should still have a material slot. So in the case of genus you should still have materials for the lipstick, eyebrow and tattoo layers. The skin bump should still be there as well.

    you're my hero ❤️

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