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  1. Thank you to both Rolig and Alyona for your helpful advice. I had not thought of turning on Do Not Disturb. Still bothers me that I will see the messages but I guess it can't be helped. Also, I checked one of the alts that I reported and it says "this username not available". Do I dare to hope that at least one of the alts has been closed? I can only hope his main account, which was the one with the hateful speech is next.
  2. I have recently had an issue with another member. This person did not like the fact that I rejected his romantic advances and released a torrent of abuse in chat. Basically bashing me for being a lesbian, threats and other abusive language. I, of course, blocked him. He proceeded to contact me with alts and continued harassing me. I blocked the alts I know about however, he seems to have many. I enabled "only friends and groups can IM me", however this inhibits my ability to enjoy SL because people I might otherwise welcome IMs from are not able to contact me. I have also reported him and each of the alts to support. Any suggestions for what else I might do?
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