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  1. Does anyone know the designer of this hair?
  2. hello:) If this is he wrong place to post this, I'm sorry...kinda new to forums. Can anyone steer me in the direction of a designer who does custom tattoos please, or how to search them without maybe sending a NC to all? Thanks in advance!
  3. I just got in and tried this...Appearance, Reset, Skel. & Anim.....still the same
  4. thank you all so much! ok, so after reading your suggestions, the starter shape seemed to make sense, I did not use one. So I did try it, started all over....and it is still there, I tried several shapes for a start. I do wish my shape very small, and this side issue happens when I lower all the sliders. But I see others with the same shape Im attempting, and they do not have this issue. I think in trying different body demos, such as the smaller ones, has broken something.....I bought the underformer, and used it, tho I had been using the one FS in the past.....it did seem to help some, but still not enough to not notice the "jut" and to note: I do have current version, I always clean install this is the only account I have that does this, and it does it on all my machines I do not have this issue when logging into other accounts - so this problem is just with this avi and a no to gestures, never used them on this avi Im exploring the shape road now lol It feels something in that for sure. I think because I have tried the small avis, I just need to find the right combo to get this avi back into shape...ugh might have to wait until my hair grows back, so I can pull it all out again for this next round lol Thank you all again so very much it helped tons!
  5. Hiya Sorry for how long this is, but I wanted to show issue and all I have done for the past 6 months. When I first got this account over 4 yrs ago, I wasnt here but like a week on it so I didnt notice this, or remember it. I have been using it again for the past 6 monhs and have ever since been trying to fix it:( I do wear maitreya and I have always had this "jut" out at my sides. I tested everything I could think of. So I took it all off, and studied the base. It does the same thing. I thought maybe because it was an older starter avi, and I needed a newer starter one, so I tried that as well, the angel one, and old one, ruth. They both do it as well. Its very odd. I have never put physics on this avi, I do not wear them. (asked by FS about physics) I have even tested the physics slider and went a week each at different levels, that had no effect. I do not have any body mods on, spankers, cummers, lol any of that, I have stripped it down and tested in every mode, even taking one off at a time. I talked with a helper in FS, she mentioned something that made me think....this avi is odd, it has always sat odd by going high in the air before going down, and it has odd bounces...this isnt all the time but enough I have noticed it. And I can live with that, but not these sides *ugh* I have two other accounts and between them I have had all kinds of mesh bodies in all sorts of shapes, I have never had this issue with the sides, or with this odd bounce thing. I have tested it on two different pc's and a laptop, same on all, yet when I tested on the other two accounts, it worked fine. I have even had friends test, and they are fine. I am really beside myself on what to test or try next:( Thank you for taking the time to read. on maitreya on sl starter avi , the angel on sl starter avi ruth
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