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  1. Like Belinda said, do not rush. I took weeks trying out demos and made sure I was happy with the look before buying. Dont be afraid to test mesh bodies and heads even though some could be less popular than others cause it doesn't really matter in the end.

  2. I am with Tari. Even if your owned, you should know better and the sim owner doesn't have to even listen to your reasons or excuses as to why your not dressed appropriately in public. Even in Second Life there is a dress code for good reasons and if you don't want to respect them, expect this to happen more often than not cause we really do not need nor want to see your bits while venturing in world.

  3. Hello!

    I recently just got back in Second Life after a few years and I am looking for work. I never really worked in Second Life before besides photography and work as a representative but I don't want to work into that since I would like to relearn my way into making good pictures while using Photoshop.

    I never had to work in Second Life before since I had a real life job but now that I am home almost all day, I would like to find a job in Second Life as either a host, dance and/or manager. I have no experience in those fields but I would like to learn if someone would be willing to train me.

    Thank you for reading.

  4. You come here fully knowing you did something wrong? You or your owner teleported you somewhere that is against the rule to be almost naked. I am sure they asked you to change into something more appropriate and by seeing how you react on your profile alone, I am inclined to think you started the verbal abuse in the first place and declined to change. 

    Like the person above me stated, your owner should also be to be blame here for teleporting you before letting you know how to get dressed.

  5. I was thinking of getting a Catwa head but the HUDs are just overwhelming and fell in love with LAQ heads. I never needed more than one layer per makeup and the HUD is so simple to use. I also like that the head itself is cheap and would only ever need to buy the HUD once.

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  6. Hello!!

    I started playing back in 2010 for 2 years and just recently came back. I am still getting used to everything that is new but would like to go shopping and dance with friends. I am not looking for anything serious as I have a Boyfriend but I sadly have no friends and it gets lonely when he's not online.

    Feel free to add me anytime, I am online every day.

  7. I was litterally trying a new bento head and body, looked like an idiot because there is demos everywhere on my body and around it. and some random dude IMed me: "your avie is really hot, wanna come play?" I replied :"im trying demos at my house, you have to be really desperate for sex!" and blocked him.

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