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  1. I’m looking for reasonably priced land in Adult mainland. I want o put up a building with apartments. I want to either be on a road and be around clubs or things to visit or go and do. Or I want to be on a mountain or near water with great views. 

    Any help or leads are appreciated. 

  2. I love the website and the idea. I'm a huge Kurt Sutter fan and Sons of Anarchy. Can't wait for the Mayan chapter to begin later this year. I would love to be a prospect.


  3. Hi again,

    It took me some time and some timely advice from some thoughtful people to figure out what I am looking for.  I  love the scenarios that Arabeth posted a few months earlier and so I am looking for a female partner with whom I could get dressed up (depending on scenario), explore SL and role play.  I have a great imagination and would love to create some great characters.  I'm new to role playing, so someone experienced would be better, but I am also willing to stumble along with someone new.

    Here are the scenarios, but since I plagiarized them from Arabeth, I'm open to other things as well.



    1)      A conquering knight uses a defeated Queen to subdue her people through her devotion to them.

    2)      A roman General takes Celtic princess hostage to prevent her people attacking his garrison.

    3)      A witch hunter arrives at a village and is so besotted by a local girl he accuses her of witchcraft. Under these conditions, the law entitles him to hold her indefinitely and do whatever is required to extract a confession.


    1)      The wife of a rich businessman is taken hostage. She is strong willed and opinionated, but soon learns her place in this situation.

    2)      Castaway. A young woman answers an advertisement in a national paper. A volunteer is required to spend a month on a desert island with a man as an experiment in social behaviour.


    I could probably devote an evening to this a week and would prefer someone in the EST timezone ideally.

  4. 2 hours ago, AmandaKeen said:

    I go into a Role to Scene and back to Vanilla for everyday life

    Thank you for writing. I am really glad I posted this because I have discovered that I am not really interested in BDSM per se, but more of the fantasy of it. I think what I am looking for is a woman who wants to role-play a fantasy with me. A scenario that involves being dominant and submissive and the excitement to see how it would play out in the hands of two great minds.

    Thanks for writing. I have enjoyed all the feedback. I man glad I discovered SL.

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  5. Hi Callum,

    Thank you for this response. You have given me food for thought. I guess I didn’t really consider the deeper implications of what I was asking. 

    I am fascinated by the scene and having never really been in it. Thanks for your kind words. There is absolutely no offence taken. You helped me see something I was simply incapable of seeing on my own. 

    I think I’ll dabble and chat with people for now. 

    I am am very grateful that you spoke.

    Thank you. 

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  6. I’m pretty conservative in real life and a long time introvert but I’m leaning that as long as you are kind and respectful here there are no limits. 

    I’m looking for a woman who wants to be submissive and live out her fantasies. I could wonder around SL trying to get to know people and I intend to do that but I figure I might as will give this forum a chance too. 

    My intent is to push them to be themselves and ty new things. I think it would be a lot of fun and it would give me great pleasure in return. I can be stern and demanding  I have a strong intellect and a good vocabulary  

    If this interests you at all, I would like to hear from you.

    I am also open to any advice anyone might have

    Thanks everyone.  It has been a very wonderful experience for me. Everyone is so kind and helpful  a real community  


  7. Hi everyone,

    I am a 45 year old male looking to navigate this new found world with some friends. I'm not looking for anyone exclusive. I'm not looking for anything in particular. I am open to anything that finds me. I guess I'm looking for a woman between the age of 35-50 that would like to go places together. Feedback on my avatar would be great too.

    It's my second day here so I thought this might be easier than forcing conversation in game.

    Thanks for reading


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