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  1. First off I simply suggested that they upgrade the inventory yes I am new here and like i said it's a mess where u cant find things u buy at the time. Another thing yes they lindens are hella expensive no way was I contradicting myself on what I said you don't get enough lindens for price they cost .. Anyways it seems a few of u that's replying to my post feel some type of way about what I said meaning @the no chick you seem to be ignorance and dumb minded so you can stay in your little mind box cause u Didnt understand anything I said... 

  2. Hello I would like to know since iv been apart of second life me and other players would like to know when can secondlife get a major inventory upgrade to where we can see new items be listed in an organization category for jewlery, pans,tops,shoe,Furnitire etc.The current inventory in the secondlife viewer dose not organize and makes it very hard to find new purchases products.. can there be a inventory closet that appears on the screen as the suit case opens that will have all items well organize and displayed in fashion aswell can we have color themes for that closet in different colors to change.. well thankyou I'm just asking for a major inventory upgrade because me and many millions of players pay our real money for this game and as if there can be a inventory upgrade closet that appears. I understand that's not easy but wish one day near future it can be possible  thankyou.

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