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  1. I have some shoes which fit the Legacy feet (some high heel for TMP and some sneakers for TMP), some other which don't (some high heels for TMP for example).
  2. I have to fix my review and I cannot edit anymore the original post. With the body inside the folder, there is an object called 'create.zip'; and after unpacking it, we obtain an object called 'Create A Style.zip (1.0.2)' which enables to make appliers for skins or other things (tattoos, etc...).
  3. Maybe you could start by reading the post you're answering to before hating and bashing (I use your own words...) 😏. Legacy is indeed a very good-looking mesh body. But it is overscripted: I will be forbidden to enter some RP sims with it. But I must nuance my comments about this problem. Currently the CPU time is 0.06 ms is very good. And yes, indeed, since my post, I found out some designers making clothes for it (Ricielli, Scandalize, Fil Casse, Spirit, Tres Blah). So it is not an empty list 😉. That avoids to use the so-called "deformer". But the rest of the review remains corr
  4. And that was a bad idea 🙄. Let me explain why. The HUD is slow, it is even required to enable media to apply the skin, I really wonder why. Sometimes, the skin tab does not even rez. The body is overscripted and slow: 20 scripts with the hands and feet (8 scripts for Maitreya). The hands do not play the bento animations of my bento AO, they can play bento animations indeed, but only the ones of the HUD (unless I missed something). The alpha HUD is slow. A good point however: it is possible to export the alpha configuration very easily. The deformer deforms nothing
  5. She disappeared suddenly on 2017/12/30 in the middle of a conversation; we were at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Galaxy FORWARD/121/127/24; if you know her in RL or know one of her alts, PLEASE tell me that she's fine, in good health. Thanks in advance. FabienneDupuis Resident.
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