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  1. Text based. If there is a fight, it is defender's choice of how to resolve it. Supported options being either free form (with or without dice) or the dice based system "SW:RPG" which you can get an idea of here: http://www.sw-rpg.com/
  2. I'm not sure how to answer this. People's chars are their chars and we're not going to be insane restrictive because its a game and we're all here to have fun. Staff is more than happy to help people find more realistic/canon stuff and we have and are working on getting more freebies to help people get into it. We are a part of the mesh era so sim appearance isn't primmy and we've got a bit perfectionist in appearance and land impact.
  3. From our Disclaimer on the site: "We do not own Star Wars, nor are we affiliated with Disney, this is essentially a fan-fiction RPG." Plus as Blue said, there's lots of SWRP sims. And... Yes this is a pure Star Wars sim. We don't allow that sorta modern day tech but Star Wars has plenty of alternatives like:
  4. The year is 260 ABY, in a tourist town called Little Star, on the planet Talus. A droid has somehow taken control of the government, but their rule was faced with a large hurdle as of late. A signal turned droids rabid before the source was taken out by a group of unlikely heroes, returning the droids with no memory of the incident. Can peace last? Or have the people been too shaken to accept the droids any longer. Star Wars: Talus is a diverse role playing experience offering several groups to cater to most if not all players and types of characters. Learn the ways of the Forc
  5. OMG Thank you so much! It's working now! And thank you for the explanation on what was happening <3
  6. So I'm trying to put a script together that will start and stop an animation for an avatar on touch. Similar to how the dancers that doesn't use poseballs work for example. So far I've got this to work, but it's still giving me an error message every time it's clicked and I can't figure out how to fix it and everything I've tried breaks the part that does work (and i don't know much about scripting in the first place). Anyone out there know what the problem might be/ how to fix it? And the error message I keep getting.
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