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  1. This is a simple summer-ey outfit I just made, I think it looks so cute. ♥️

    On a cloudy day, with my spider leg 1971 Cadillac Eldorado in the background ♥️

    Oh and as for the image quality- I'm using composite RCA video, so there's that!



    All of you are beautiful by the way ♥️

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  2. On 11/26/2018 at 12:19 PM, animats said:

    The best reality check is the Second Life world map.


    Sansara, at noon Monday. Each green dot is an avatar. Whether there's a human behind it is another question.

    A fun project would be to start up a viewer showing the map and run a very slow video capture, maybe 1 frame every 10 seconds, for a day or two. Watch the dots come and go. And occasionally move.

    That's actually a very interesting idea. I have several servers in my house that are currently the ultimate dust collectors, so I could fire one up and let it record a large area like this. I have countless hard drives so I could record at higher than 1 frame 10 seconds, however 10 seconds is incredibly fair since we're measuring numbers, not how someone is moving.  I could record this for as long as the very random electricity in my house wants to run, darn 1950's neighborhood, always cars crashing into the neighborhood electricity...


    Also, this is the most ridiculous thing to say, especially being an amateur software developer myself, but I do not see Second Life "dying". Not in 10 years, longer... Maybe. I can't tell yet. Some "games" As I will use as a word to describe intractable software with the inclusion of multiplayer, never, die. You still have people such as myself playing Half Life 1 all the time. I still use Windows XP, 98, etc... I may have a decent amount of information including software that lives forever, but I'm not sure what makes specific ones stick. Modability is a big one, updates, not necessarily, some software has those things but fail to take off in the first place regardless of how good they are. Also nothing could really replace Second Life. As primitive as some things in its engine are, it's fairly intuitive. I think that's because a lot of developers are afraid of controversy, since moderation on such a large, user-generated scale is almost insanity, and it's difficult to establish a userbase. SL is well established and swooped in at the right time, when most households were starting to invest in a computer of some sort, and others with older machines were upgrading.



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  3. Hi everyone! I have been a bit of a Roamer in Second Life since 2013, and what I mean by that is I dropped in a few times every few months for about an hour, explored by myself and then left. Needless to say I was extremely shy and I was severely underdeveloped in Second Life.


    However recently I got back int Second Life, but this time full force, I'm ready to make it my daily hobby.


    Now I hear a lot of users, which I'm always uncertain when they really started using Second Life, say that SL's prime in popularity was 2008/2009 or 2013. So for those of you who have been around for that long, is it true? And if any of you can make a guess, about how many still use Second Life today? Have I missed out on the giant user numbers?


    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, I felt this was the most related to making friends, since the greater the numbers in people the more likely it is for me to meet people and establish my Second Life!

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  4. I can't access or see anything with the Adult rating, which a lot of stuff in SL is so I would like it enabled, also considering I'm well over 18 years old.

    In my preferences in SL, I have it set to "show me general, moderate, and adult"

    I have asked friends and they said it should work, so I came here for some help, thanks!

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