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  1. A large half sim of luxury resort, club and Live Music Venue is opening on 29th July with a big bang music festival! ( Check out the flyer below).

    This is a large scale venue with big ambitions and a large and long term commitment to make this a 'Go To' place in SL!

    ~AiR~ is not just about a beautiful setting and great music.

     Its about the staff who welcome our visitors and help them have an amazing time. 
    We want to attract the warmest, most welcoming individuals who can then pass that feeling onto our visitors.

    We are looking for the best in Managers, Hosts , DJ's and Live Artists to make this an amazing place for people to come and chill.  We will pay hourly rates plus tips for Managers and Hosts and going rates for DJ's and Artists.

    Please contact me in world or pop down to ~AiR~ to pick up an application form.  You can also reach out to me via our website -See below


    Come along to  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sharks%20Cove/103/96/23/ and check it out for yourself!



    Look forward to hearing from you!


    Roxanne (hiddeyn resident)



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