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  1. if you are using ios  there is sl notifier its 99 cents in the app store and you have to own land to setup the $500 lenden dollar sl notifier server put it on your owned land then you can I'm the online friends sl notifier will tell you when your friends are online  I did not buy the server I thought the price expensive and wasn't sure if I owned my land plus five hundred l dollars is a lot for me without a job

  2. hi,  I am a premium member and I got a house. Well I have my little parsel of land I noticed one night there  was music playing I don't recall setting it up with a stream I wouldn't even begin to know how to do that. Well I hit alt eight in radegast and got the url because I liked the music they played Krishna Das and some other cool stuff so I submitted it to ootunes but he needs more information to have people find it like a name  when I googled the url I got porn sites and stuff I don't need those. the url is http://listen1.myradio24.com:9000/9889  that's directly from my client if we are not supposed to get these urls well I am sorry the client gives me access to them and its helped me test a down server a time or two or if radegast was just being finniky so can anyone give me info on that stream so I can pass it on to the ootunes neds as they call themselves. or if it is yours head on over to http://ootunes.com and contact them 

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