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  1. Viewers not working

    I got it to work. I don't know what was wrong, it just let me login after I tried it for the 100th time. Lol. Thank you though!
  2. Viewers not working

    I've been using Black Dragon for awhile and its always worked wonderfully. However, I got on today and it only loads to 40%, then completely stops. I've tried several things to fix it including Restarting computer, uninstalling and reinstalling, I even downloaded Firestorm and it did the same, wouldn't load past 40%. So it must be on my end. It worked fine last I used it, yesterday. I dont know what happend, or how to fix it, but I need SL in my life like meow!! ><
  3. How do I emote?

    I forgot how to emote. HELP!