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  1. I would for sure buy a mesh bento mesh body as well as bento mesh head because that is the wave of the future in sl simply because the classic av body doesnt not come with the newly added bones that bento mesh will have...meaning your av will have more movement in parts such as fingers etc ... I would jump into mesh before you become use to dressing your classic av and have to relearn how to work with your mesh parts which really is night and day. As far as buying everything seperate that is going to also not be an issue as project bento will work the entire body which mesh body makers will have the entire body rigged/modeled to Hair and skin is always a seperate thing to buy with human av's unless you buy a less detailed full mesh av that comes with it (which i wouldnt because its pretty cookie cutter). For your body look for makers who mention bento if moving your fingers etc is of importance if not go full with a full mesh body such as slink physique .. its a big maker and slink has many clothes online and in world through various creators.. best wishes have fun and welcome to sl!
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