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  1. Everything would be so much easier through Marketplace itself..

    I mean, like by ONLY changing related folder with the updated product , and clicking In merchant home :


    Its should be great to have something like that for 2017.

     Let's cross fingers and ask Santa Claus.... ❄ ❅ ❆


  2. Thanks so much for sharing, Pamela!

    The problem I found with those, is when customers do not  join group. So they can never receive the update?

    The only way seems copy/paste sales from reports (which can't be order by product)?

    I don't understand the field "Product version" in Marketplace if we are unable to update them through it, honestly.



  3. Hey all.

    I´d like to know if there's a way to see the sales product by product.

    I only found ORDERS (Transaction History) and Reports//ORDERS, which shows all the sales and products mixed up, by date only, not by product.

    Im wondering, in the case you need to update a version of certain product, would be madness to search one by one, copy /paste name of customers, but is that the only way?

    I think LL should make an "Update" button, and redeliver to all of them at once.

    Please let me know if Im wrong, or this feature already exists?

    Sending Customers updates one by one if you don't have an Update vendor, is truly bad.



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