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  1. I'm just wondering if anyone can give me some cool spots to hang out and meet people that are not nude beaches lol. I'm tired of just meeting horny people xD. I'm looking to make more friends.
  2. Let's hang out! Go on a couple dates, chill... I'm just looking for a companion who enjoys spending time with me.. no rush. If it evolves to something else then that's perfectly fine with me..
  3. Hi I'm Veda, I live an interesting secondlife, but I am missing a family. If you'd like to get to know more.. my inworld is taylynalexa Resident. I've had a family before but they all have quit coming on and now I have no one to hang out with.
  4. I keep finding myself standing around with no one to talk to. Ofcourse i get the occasional horny fellow who wants to get into my pants, but who doesnt? I'm really interested in making some actual friends, whether they be guy or girl. I'm an openminded person and i don't judge. Feel free to IM me whenever -taylynalexa Resident.
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