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  1. On 7/5/2017 at 1:30 PM, Syo Emerald said:

    Paying attention is awsome. Especially paying attention to the date of a thread, so you don't dig up old corpses.

    And there is zero negativity in the comment you quoted from him. He raises a legit question. Its absolutly ridiculus how upset you get on behalf of a stranger in a situation that has not involved you in any way.

    awww sweetie. its OK  we are not all stupid xD i mean you kinda replied to  old post just as Anja did. makes me wonder if you where keeping tabs on this thread for almost a year. seeing if anyone would defy your words :o but no really I'm laughing some people amuse me. i just came back to this thread to see if there was actual any helpful information for people wanting to know about the lifestyle which most of sl probably knows. old men liking them young woman mmmm so good xD but really just wanted to see if any help stuff for beginners if there are any out there so anja sweetie zip them pretty lips of yours :P yes im cocky xD

  2. Hai i am currently working on a bento tail and ears but how would i get the bones to work and animations is there tutorials put up or would somone be willing ot teach me i have the tail alreayd made would i have ot remake it to work with bento please and thank you 

    if you would like ot contact me inworld my avis name is 


    Nomedgrl Resident

  3. Helo im bubbles. i am looking for a guy who is okay with what my job is on sl and understands that outside of it i will not do anything with another man. and someone who is loveing careing Daddy dom. im a very playful person XD. 

    also i am not looking for a sugar daddy just becasue of my job does not mean all i want is money. i could care less if he has no money all i would want things from them is trust, honesty, cuddles,love understanding. thats all i ask for 

    stuff about me

    i love to talk on skype allot. and laugh im a giggly person natrualy and by my name im a very bubbly person

    passing out on skype with the guy im with is fun to me.. i enjoy it allot because i hate sleeping alone at night idk its like i dont like being left alone. im a very needy person and i love cuddles and snuggles and all the good stuff. 

    if chu want to talk more and get to know me more 

    IM me inworld at Nomedgrl resident 


  4. Hey im Fleur and im lookin for frineds or a sl family. my l at mis kidna boring andi  want to make the best of it. and meet new people to hang out. im very friendly and nice. people that do talk to me say im a tiny bit funny. i also like taking photos. and voiceing ^^ if your itresting in getting to know m as a friend

    Just IM


  5. I agree with Dark. go looking around at places and look stuff up make sure you want to be in the lifestyle. and if its for you.

    me myself i looked up on it and did reserch after i heard about Daddy doms. and i actully enjoy it.

    i am stil trying to find DD/LG hang outs. but i hope you find what you are looking for or if you wanna be a babygirl or not ^^

  6. Looking for  Daddy Dom,BF or both in one guy.

    i need a Daddy to give me cuddles and lovings. someonei  can share all my secrets to and they wont judge me at all.

    im abit shy at first but after like 5 mintues ill warm up to you *giggles* 

    someone who can fill the longing in my heart and void. to make me happy again and cheerful. ^^

    If yuws wanna get ot know me more just IM meh on SL

    nomedgrl  :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:

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