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  1. Welcome to Beneath the Surface, a new urban fantasy RP sim set in modern-day England. The city of Bastion sits above in the human world, which has now become linked to the supernatural city of Blackwall underground. Humans and non-humans are still coming to terms with coexisting in each other's presence, with all the conflict and drama that entails. Citizens of the two cities walk on the edge between xenophobia and acceptance, and only time will tell which side will prevail. See our website for all the details - https://www.beneaththesurfacesl.com Chat with our staff and players o
  2. The website does work, I made an error and added the / at the end when there should be none. We ask that logs of abuse or other things be sent mostly. We take in logs of rp as well for submissions from local chat to offer experience points, players understand- they must read and accept the rules posted before even creating a character so they are agreeing to having logs shared if such an issues comes up. (Which I do not see happening with the community we have on our sim.) If someone is going around spreading hate or making someone fell not welcomed, Godmodding and etc we know pl
  3. For so long in this world, humans have succeeded in living apart from the magic folk who, once upon a time, enslaved and even farmed them as a food source. It's been so long, in fact, that up until very recently, humans believed magic folk were only creatures of myth and legend... But now know the truth. Come and experience this exciting new sim, explore the city of Bastion or perhaps...Journey below to the city of Blackwall where for so long those beings that have been only thought of as bedtimes stories have dwelled for so long. Two civilizations learning to live together again, what w
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