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  1. hello just designed two phantastic Rentals on protected river area in wilburs gate. live like Frodo baggins and bilbo on "baggins end"? a nice hobbiton house - partly furnsihed on 4016sqm http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wilburs Gate/94/195/21 or you may want move in into loxley Manor - Robin Hood has moved out so this amazing wineyard is vacant, http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wilburs Gate/91/193/21 get in to your roleplay on a nice protected river - sail away with your elben boat. as usual on my Rentals you get almost owner Rights. you can Keep what you like return what you not like and build your own. banrights teraform media Rights - all is possible. skybox allowed too. full Service - security orb inclusve for your use. full privacy adult rated land. Egon's Estate - Luxury Rentals check out my Office inworld http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/San Denis/112/162/65
  2. hello I have a few bigger parcels - between 1400 sqm - 8129 sqm and 9180sqm avaiable to rent. with good prim Price relation. on adult mainland. contact me inworld please if you look for a nice located lot to rent.
  3. hello if you have something to offer, pls contact me inworld
  4. still free very asked hurry up I make an Special offer: if you rent for four weeks, i will add you one for free.
  5. best price: 2490 /w - Protected water BEACH 9120 sqm - 3131 PRIM FOR RENT can offer you an very nice big lot on a quiet sim . best Prim / Price relation. 2490/w - BEACH 9120 sqm - 3131 PRIM FOR RENT - look at the map: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Qondriac/63/36/22 perfect for sailing - exploring the continent over a big river - NO AFK SEX Clubs or something like that. no refund if you terminate.
  6. 490/w 1440sqm up to 494prim get your sweet Sailor beach Villa Egon's Estate nice full furnished beach house - adult - no premium need - for rent. access to linden water own security full furnsihed, almost full owner Rights, partly DUTCHIE / NERENZO stuff high Quality quiet lagfree sim nice neighborhood - see picture http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Crossbrook/144/26/26
  7. best prim Price relation - here you get 1152 sqm and up to 395 prim - only 360/w very nice tuscany styled Little Castle with Towers nice Yard, very quiet sim lagfree, partly furnsihed, own security 300 linden worth almost full owner Rights. well designed (see pics) was Long time rented out and free again Egon's Estate
  8. rare opportunity - free again (was Long time rented out) join our WILBURS GATE VILLAGE nice developed Mainland Village, quiet nice lagfree sim, Access to Linden Water (River goes over many sims - sail over the river for explore second life) very sweet place directly at the River. private beach. own security almost full owner Rights (almost full land power) security ORB 300 linden worth provided by owner. full furnished house - NERENZO and DUTCHIE replacements see attached Picture only 390/W http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wilburs Gate/213/94/22
  9. hello after our expandation we have a lot very nice great offers of parcels to rent. Apartments in the NEW San Denis Plaza - 50/w (incl 20prim) - 75/w (incl. 30 prim) or 100/w (incl 50 prim) -> all Apartments Comes full furnished (does not Counts your prims) with high Quality DUTCHIE or NERENZO stuff. if you Need more privacy - I recommend you an parcel with almost owner Rights (full power for ban, media, accesslist, names and descriptions, full privacy, provided security System, develeped with nice homes, full furnished - and if you don't like anything just return. or you get an empty lot if you prefer to build byself cheap Skyboxes (parcel) 512sqm = 180/w (one left) 1024sqm without water Access = 360/w 1024sqm or a bit more with water Access (linden water, river sail swim explore second life) = 390/w or a bit more each else size is possible ask for offers please have a look in our main store ->> http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hilmalchuli/147/141/83
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