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  1. hello there lookin to join a pack that likes to have fun and not push on others well come join us at the sliver moon pack if you have an idea or just wanna make friends feel free to im me inword :D hope to meet ya soon

  2. Looking for humans dogs kittys and horses even cows! If your  ranch dog like a border collies, shepherd any herding dog. Or a human looking to be part of the Ranching fun with animals!! A cow that wants to part of a ranch as well!! Come join us at SliverCreek if you have questions IM

    dreamangelz(Angel Of The Dark Moon)

  3. Hello iam lookin for a little help to open a small little rodeo and what not it dont have to be a full sim at all. BUt i wanna do more with my horse avi I welcome cow boys and cow girls even vets, It also do normal horse rp such as shows and stuff and see the place grow. I always love horses and i always see other rps such useing the English saddle.  so why not give us har bucken bulls and horses to have some fun. Iam also open to a ranch Idea as well, If you wanna know more are into it IM me Ryansuko aka puppy!

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  4. Hello there i was looking for a family that dont mind a femboy, A fem boy is a boy that dresses and looks like a girl. I like to have a mom or dad or both some brothers and sisters . Big or small family works for me. I want a family that like me for me. Iam kind loveing and fun. I would love to hear from ou my rp age is 16-18.  Thank you for reading if you wanna talk get ahold of me in world just shoot an IM!

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