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  1. Hey Landy and Gentelman,

    my ingame name is Shadowzer Ronas and im looking for an ingame Job to earn some Lindens.

    In reallife i have a Job and Hobbys so i have only 2 Hours per Day time to join the SL-Community.


    What you Have to know:

    this is not my first Account i had one other, but i deleted it for years ago.

    In Reallife im 24 Years old.

    Second-Life Birthday: 12. April 2012 (the Account is an older one of mine, in Game again since (5- Days)

    my Motherlanguage is German, so my English is not as well.


    My Skills:

    I can Script a little bit but i train my self to become better.

    Im a friendly and helpful person, so i have a good connections to other people.

    My jobs in SecondLife before i deleted my Account:

    Dancer, DJ, Soccer-Trainer, Soccer-Player and only for 1 Month Manager


    Im interessed to doing the Jobs:

    Dancer (Techno Club)


    DJ (Techno Club)

    Scripter (with an Teacher)

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