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  1. Trying to find a  Conwing L-16 seaplane.  Those familiar with the old tv show Talespin, it's the plane that Baloo flies.

    Not necessarily that color scheme, but primarily looking for the plane itself.   Needs to be usable, float-able, flyable, the whole bit.  Keep in mind that it's a cargo plane.  Don't care if it's sold on MP or in a store or whatever after, so long as I get a usable one. contact me for negotiations on price, expecting to pay in L.

    send NC to my avi "littledulcinea resident"

    or you can email me directly at emilybrown3478@gmail.com.  Keep in mind, once again, expecting to pay in L.  If you want cash, MO, credit, paypal, etc, our talk will end rather shortly.

    The enclosed photo is of one someone else made for a different program, just wanted to show what I was talking about.

    Conwing L-16 seaplane.jpg

  2. Aaaaand 2 years later....

    So there's an avatar called Kemono.  It's primary is for furries, but they have a human version, and using the flat chest with it, I was able to make a fairly decent preteen girl with it.

    They also have males that might make a decent male child.  

    Just FYI, for anyone still looking for advice.

    There's also TD and TT and another that's popular, I forget.  The bodies are right, just personally don't like the faces with them.

    My three cents.

  3. Hello, sorry I'm so late to this, but I read through, and a couple of points I'd like to make:


    First, I'm completely in agreement with some, who say, simply, it's your land, your rules.  If the tenant makes you uncomfortable, kick them, or have them change their behavior.  Simple.


    But secondly, to those who keep saying, "report, it will open an investigation by LL".  No, it will not.  I have personal experience in this, both ways.

    This account is a child avatar, but not my first.  The first, she's dead.  At least that's the term we in our community use for it.  Killed by LL.  I had had a disagreement with a woman on the use of child avi's.  Her opinion was that their only reason for being, was for sexual use.  I argued against.  Apparently, as she became frustrated and could think of nothing else, announced that my arguing against her was nothing more than proof of her stance, twisted my words, and tried (successfully) to get others nearby to agree with her.  The majority response was, "If you think that, then report her, let LL decide"  Sound familiar?  Within two MINUTES, I lost my connection.  My subsequent attempts to reconnect failed.  On further investigation, I discovered that my account had been banned.  SEVERAL emails to LL went completely unanswered.  I had spent around $100 in cash on that avi, I was none too thrilled.  Two minutes.  That's not an investigation.  Assuming it took around 20-30 seconds for someone to fill out the little boxes and submit, and an additional 20-30 seconds for it to arrive, that's less than 1 minute for someone to receive it, review it, and then kill the account.  I doubt it.  More likely, LL plays safe, and auto bans any account with such a report.  I have had 3 other friends that this has happened to as well (not in those exact circumstances, but similar in that an accusation of adult nature v. kid got their accounts banned, with zero investigation.).  

    On the other thumb, I have been harassed (and it needed to be severe, before I bothered to report it) by griefers (to the point where even a block/mute/derender didn't stop them somehow), reported it, and as long as an hour later (before I got fed up and logged out), they're STILL there.  So careful on the reports when it comes to this.  Be sure, is all I'm saying, before you report.  There is no investigation.  It's not even guilty until proven innocent.  There's no trial.  It's simply, accusation = guilt, as far as LL is concerned.

    I've learned to be a LOT more careful, about who I engage in conversation with, and have had to limit myself to about 4 sims, just to try to ensure it doesn't happen to me again.  


    P.S.   LlazarusLlong...got a total brain crush on now, lol.  So needed that bit of entertainment!  Thank you.  :P

  4. Seeking a builder, someone capable of scripting, etc, as well as creating the objects they would go in.

    I keep having ideas of things I want, and not finding those things.  Looking for someone willing to give my ideas life.

    *NOT looking for a scripting teacher.  Already went down that road, not my bag.

    *I do NOT mind if you sell these items on MP, in your store, or in any other way.

    *I am willing to pay you in L prior to the creation of any item, to be negotiated.

    *Some ideas I have are of an adult nature (not many, but some).  Those items I would just give you the idea for, not for self purchase, as my avi is not adult at this time.  Just think it's neat stuff if it existed.  That's whatever.

    *Please do not contact me if you're going to be lazy about this, or if you're the opposite, and going to expect just constant constant work from me.  This is like a maybe once a month/one thing a month type gig.  Please do not assume I'm super rich, and going to pay you enough to just do this one thing.  I'm estimating between 500-1k L per.  If you want more than that, you should have a GOOD reason.  Again, that pay is for the item, to be given to me after.  If you want more L off of it, then sell it somewhere.  These things are (unless otherwise stated, and unlikely to be stated) for my personal avi use, not something I intend to sell in a store.


    Thank you.

  5. "That said, there's no reason for 'adults' to congregate socially with 'kids' in RL on their level. That's the nature of being an 'adult'. So, again - why would you expect them to here? Do you like when kids barge in on your adult conversations? Do you drag kids with you in RL every where you go? Imma guess - no."


    This is the absolute best response I've ever heard to this question.

    While, yes, much of the discrimination I and others have experienced is absolutely hateful and unnecessary, this should explain to many of those with child avatars that it's not always so.  They just don't want a  bunch of kids hanging around...they don't always want to feel like they have to censor themselves...

    Thank you, Senobia,  for putting it plainly for all to understand.

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