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  1. Oh, I didn't know about that. I should check and see. Thank you!
  2. Thank you for your reply. I didn't realize the non-compatibility with Gianni Body. That's what I have. I will try again and see how much it bothers me.
  3. Hello everyone, I want to change my bento head, but I don't know if the Lelutka Guy is the best decision out there. Currently, I have Catwa Daniel and the only things that I really like are a variety of skins and beards. It annoys me that I have 3 Huds, all big, full of options that I don't really use them. I don't like the animations, doesn't feel "realistic". For Lelutka Guy, I really like that I have one Hud with everything, even tho I won't use everything, the animations are awesome (especially mocap), but lack of skins, shape (I would be able to modify if I will get one, but still).
  4. Thank you Dreamerra I appreciate. I wish you too the same!
  5. Hello, My name is Theo, I'm female in RL, but male in SL, 26 years old and I am looking for a female partner (both worlds) that is single in both worlds. About me: I enjoy exploring, surfing, driving and sailing and dancing. I go to events specific on the holidays in RL. Most of my times I go to popular places and meet new people or just chilling listening some good music. I also like to go and see wrestling in game. I have a godson (he is an adult *giggles*) which I love and respect him. I play other games like Dota 2, PUBG, Asassins Creed Origins (I have more, but these are the g
  6. Hello there, I'm Theo and I am also searching for good friends
  7. LOL! So true, but that would happen anywhere here even if it's a big town or small because of the mentality. Yes, it's much pressure if it's a small town. In the end, you are happy now by combining both worlds! PS: I really love this forum
  8. So, um hello! My name is Theo and I am a young adult male in-game (female IRL, homoflexible). I am usually around on weekdays from 6am ish - to 1/2 pm ish. On weekends, I can be online at any time. I play many games beside SL. In SL I like to explore, and for example, when it's summer, I like to go in vacation at Blake Sea to sail and so on. I don't like lies, even if it hurts, I want the truth. For me is important to be open minded, honest and loyal. So, *cough* thank you for reading! You can contact me here or in-game (zekk28).
  9. We are still looking for a Minister or a Priest!
  10. Hello ladies and gents, I am looking for an altar with animations for my incoming wedding. We both searched and we found Aphrodite altar that is suitable for us, but we want more options. The altar from A is suitable because it have" ring animation" and others no. Anyone know an altar suitable for us?
  11. We don't need that, but you should think more how you want to sell yourself instead wasting our time with lame post.
  12. Hello ladies and gents, I have windows 10 x64, nVidia (2gb) and 4 GB RAM. Yesterday I had to update my graphic card. Before that, Firestorm viewer set automatic to INTEL graphics instead of nVidia. (To run the game with my intel graphic) After that, I updated, set that all my games will run with nVidia. When I log on back in Firestorm I saw that everything is almost blue. Here is an example : http://imgur.com/ARcJQjs I reinstalled my Firestorm viewer and still same problem. I tried and play Batman Telltale and Mafia 3 and everything is working fine. No problems with my graphic card. I will re
  13. Hello. I would like to go in a trip with my family, but I can't find any fishing/hunting sim. I don't want those type of fishing that you earn money, just that type of fishing that you are near a lake, on a chair and just chill while you wait to catch. With hunting, if there are sim that you can hunt animals, stuff like that. Thanks!
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