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  1. hello !

    i'm super, super new to sl, i literally just joined yesterday after watching this video and not just thinking it was hilarious but also i had no idea you could do so much in second life, and i thought that was really interesting!

    so i have a few questions about customization and also i would love, love, love any newbie tutorials, tips, etc. i've found a few things but they all move sort of fast for me, like they're meant more for people who have already used sl some.


    my questions are


    • how do i make a custom skin for my avatar? is that the right word even? i'm using the UTILIZATOR kemono body and it comes with resources to make your own skin, but i'm not entirely sure how to use them? i tried looking at skin tutorials on youtube but they all seem to be people slapping different textures onto human skin templates. is there a specific guide for the kemono avatar?
    • how do i upload the custom skin? it says in my kemono resource pack that i need three different files and gives the dimensions but i have no idea how to seperate/crop them from the psd, which has all of the parts and things together. i can give a screenshot of the files i have if that could help anyone give me some help, ha
    • is there a good way to navigate the in-game menus for customization? they seem a little haphazard for me. i mean, i'm navigating them and getting where i need to, but it's all a little complicated. idk, maybe it's just something i have to get used to?


    also, unrelated to avatar customization, but is there anywhere i can sell art? i mean find people to commission me, not just sell things i've drawn already. someone said to join some furry groups or hang out in furry clubs (i'm primarily a furry artist), but that seems a little awkward for me, since i'm only used to forums and art websites and what not. any advice beyond that would be great!



    i'm sorry if i sound like a total dummy, but i'm willing to wince through the learning stages because second life seems really cool.

    thanks for any and all help!

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