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  1. How do i go about making parts of my mesh flexible. Is it purely through bones before I export the mesh..or do i use scripts within SL? I'm trying to make my new avatar a one stop shop without separating too many parts.

  2. Hello!

    As I loarn the ropes for recording better viceo, I was wondering if anyone could help me possibly find a better recording program?

    I currently use Open Broadcast Software, which gets the job done, but I seem to be losing some quality both when it converts into vide and again after I editit on my PC or mac. (I currently switch between editing with Imovie and VSDC)

    Again any help or suggestions are welcome. I`m tweaking settings and researching programs in the meantime.

    As far as expanding to possible paid software im trying to keep it under a budget of $100.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Hello everyone! I`m new to recording video in second life but a veteran at streaing other games.


    I was wondering if its possible to Hide the UI while also being able to use huds with full functionality? I`m wondering if maybe there is a way to capture video direct from the render instead of the screen (if that makes sense) or a recorder that will ignore the UI despite it showing. In essence I need a solution or plugin that will go just one more step than a simple window capture would do so I can have live performances etc.

    Any help and opinions would be greatly appreciated.


  4. I am an experienced Dj and escort looking for a popular club that I can work at. I have made over 20,000L$ in my first few months freelancing and have a decade of experience.. My specialty is exotic role play (I`m a warm, soft, inviting, firm, toned anthro sharkess) and am looking for venues interested in finding an exotic escort with a high tip percentage and possibly hourly pay.. Even if that`s not normally your venues thing, you and your clients won`t be disappointed. I typically do text only and voice only for extremely close friends and clients.


    Djing: I can lay down a 2-8 hour set of live dance music easily and am a trained musician In Real Life. My music ranges from all forms of Dance, Trance, house, disco to rock, videogame remixes and beyond. (I can do any genre from classical to jazz)


    I have a card with my usual rates and would be delighted if you would contact me in game. (Bluehorizon10) I am normally on in the evening to late mornings SL time. My profile also has some specifics as well as a link to my DJ facebook page.

     Hope to hear from ya!

     Blue~ ~///^

  5. Hello!

    The name is Fuka~

    I'm a sweet insatiable shark with a talent for drawing out the desire in those around me. I have 5 years+ RP experience and enjoy my talent. Whether dancing or otherwise, and regardless of the tip size, I leave my clients messy, panting and either passed out or begging for more.

    I currently freelance at Yiff for fun.~

    As i'm located in Tokyo, I'm often on in the early morning and can take a night shift.

    I'm up for just about anything. Voice is negotiable with no cam.

    Please message me if you're interested.


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