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    Neighbor Bully

    Thanks everyone.. I really appreciate the suggestions.. I am not even in sl that much.. but wanted a nice place.. and the sim Key Largo is just a cool name.. and water on two sides.. I got it for a good price, but for all I know, she bullied the person that was there before.. and was really mad she didn't buy it before I did.. who knows.. I am not leaving.. and have now derendered everything.. will be awesome if the Lindens do something but I will be okay if they don't. Seriously, its great to know y'all are there with all the great suggestions and advice! xo
  2. Roxzi Ravenheart

    Neighbor Bully

    Thanks Ethan.. I put up the palm tree divider to try and soften her brick walls.. I did report the walls as harassment.. I seriously doubt anyone will do anything.. but thought I would try.. I just wanted a pretty little place to call home.. I have now derendered everything and it looks really sweet now.. just sad that my neighbor is not very neighborly.
  3. Roxzi Ravenheart

    Neighbor Bully

    Thank you Lisa I didn't know we couldn't post the names of bullies.. I will remove them. she also has a store.. I was thinking of posting this on flikr too.. I just don't understand why people are so mean.. I would get it if my house was ugly or something.. I just wish there was a way sl could do something to help with obvious bullies.
  4. Roxzi Ravenheart

    Neighbor Bully

    Hi All I am hoping you have some advice.. not sure if I can do anything.. I bought a sweet little parcel on the mainland sim Key Largo.. I LOVE the name but the next day, I got an IM from a woman who said.. "you cant buy that land".. which surprised me.. I was like what?? but then she said never mind (she doesn't speak English so I think was using a translator) anyway.. I set up a cute little house and then.. she put up ugly giant walls on both sides of my small parcel.. obviously she wants me to leave.. I know I can derender them.. but anyone who comes to visit me will see them. (see picture) do I have any recourse? will SL help? or am I doomed to this bully. looks like she has two avis _______ and ________. After looking around I see that she owns most of the sim and is obviously irritated that I purchased this land possibly before she could. Any advice from anyone? I removed the avi names as it was brought to my attention that its against the rules to name avies.. (bullies or not) Thanks so much for your help Roxzi